Robo Strux (alternatively recognized as "Robostrux)" were released starting in 1985, and having a relatively short life span the line ended in 1986. All of the Robo Strux Zoids were re-colors from their OJR counterparts. Although there was no complex battle story, the Robostrux were separated into two distinct factions based on color. The "Blue Guardians" were the protagonist force and the "Red Mutants" represented the antagonistic side. The line was relatively small, and consisted one full wave or release in 1985. Between 1985 and 1986 there was one un-released promotional model considered by many to have been created as a "mail away". Finishing up the line in 1986 was a second smaller wave release that consisted of one official (recolored) Zoid and several re-packaged OER Zoids.

The Robo Strux line was distributed in the US by the Tomy Corp. located at 901 E 233rd Street with P.O. Box 6252 in Carson California, 90749. On August 21 back in 1977 the Tomy Corporation, a subsidiary of Tomy Kogyo of Japan signed a 20 year lease for a 24,00 square foot plant in Carson California. It was at this location (Not the current Santa Ana headquarters) that US based collectors were first graced with the Robostrux line. Aside from toy stores running their own Robostrux promotions, there was a factory rebate offered. Oddly enough the address to claim mail away rebate was located in Iowa. To obtain the $2.00 rebate one had to purchase one large battery powered Zoid and one small wind up powered Zoid from the first wave of release. 

The Robo Strux are probably the Zoid kits you remember playing with during your childhood if you grew up in the US and/or Canada. Although each kit was a simple re-incarnation of it's overseas release, the North American Robo Strux sported a more complex and appealing color scheme. Instead of being of a monochromatic nature, the Robostrux went the extra mile and ventured into introducing teal and silver to the formerly "all blue" Guardian team and beige and tan to the formerly "all red" Mutants team. The canopies also saw variation with the blue team having red canopies and the red team sporting green canopies. To top the dramatic color change off, the weapons were finished in either silver (blue guardians) or gold chrome (red mutants). The Robostrux were given new sticker sheets that included faction stickers. The faction stickers did NOT change from their initial releases, and in some cases do not actually match up to the particular Robostrux 's "actual" faction. Let's begin by looking at the first wave releases.

The first wave consisted 12 Zoids. Each team had a total of 4 small wind ups and 2 large battery powered Zoids. Below are the small wind ups listed in alphabetical order.

Click on the box or name below to see the complete building process, Japanese and European names, as well as  pictures of each unit.


                                                     Batler                                Brox                                    Kreep


                                                Reptex                                   Runna                                   Sekta


                                                                 Spartak                                       Stang

The four large wind up first wave kits are pictured below.

Click on the box or name below to see the complete building process, Japanese and European names, as well as  pictures of each unit.


 Brutox                                                                        Gordox


 Radox                                                                         Terrox

Sometime between the first wave releases and the second wave of semi released Zoids, a promotional unit was offered. Again copying the design of it's OJR origins, the "no name" Robostrux was released. Sporting the Blue Guardian color scheme right down to the silver chrome pilot the mail away No Name came in a plastic bag with  no official box, and the instructions retained the original copyright of 1981. The actual instruction sheet was re-printed to reflect it's Robostrux release. This unit would have given the Blue Guardians an extra member, and one cannot help but to think an additional Red Mutant was in the works. This would have probably been a very hard to locate release, but the Zoid is readily available via eBay. When I purchased mine it was shipped from Israel. When questioned the seller would not reveal too much information as to it's origins. He did, however, state that he has mass quantities of this Zoid. For now this piece remains a mystery. 

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Mail Away

The second wave of the Robo Strux was released in 1986, and this is where the line becomes unclear. It remains a mystery which pieces actually made an appearance in the second wave. Fueled with speculation and rumors the second wave of Zoids is an enigma. I can say for sure that Slithor was to be part of the second wave and belong to the Blue Guardians. Slithor was the ONLY Zoid that was actually re-colored, and come with official packaging.


One of the hardest pieces to come by, Slithor's instruction manual offers no further proof of which pieces were actual "official" second wave releases. Other pieces that could be considered second wave releases include: Stuna, Chompz, and Badox. 



As seen above, the box art has a totally different style than the familiar maroon and yellow stripped Robo Strux boxes. Adding further confusion to the mix are the previously released first wave Robo Strux in packaging similar to the units pictured above.



Taking a look at the back of the larger battery powered boxes reveals that these releases were not actually Robo Strux, but rather repackaged OER Zoids. 

The colors are not Robostrux colors, and there are no chromed weapons. Probably the most obvious deal breaker would be Red Horn which remained Red and blue like Brutox. Looking closely also reveals three extra models including Gargantulas, Iguan and Pteras. I theorize that the release of these three units under the Robo Strux labeled boxes has lead to prototype speculation. I think the case is similar with the Shield Liger kit known as "Fangz" which was probably an extremely limited re-packaged OER Shield Tiger. There are two un-released prototype units that were seen in true Robo Strux colors one of which was a Stealth Viper that was to be renamed  "Vipor" as well as an Iguan renamed "Lizar".  Both of these units never saw an official release.

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