"No Name" Robostrux Mail Away

Also known as:

Japanese name : Glidoler
European names :  Terrazoid / Terrared

The unnamed Robostrux  consists of:

3 Sprues

1 Pilot

1 Head Assembly (Clamshell 3 pieces Top, Bottom, and Mouthpiece)

1 Red Gear

12 Caps

1 Small wind up motor with tabs

1 Label Sheet

The build begins with sandwiching the motor and neck piece between the right and left main frame pieces, this is secured with a total of 6 caps.

Next, each wing is placed into the empty slot on the main frame and secured via one piece and one cap. 

The picture below shows one wing in place, and the other waiting to be positioned.

Next, the solitary red gear is placed on a peg the right side.

With the wheels in place, a long peg is inserted into the port which makes room for the pontoon style feet.

With both feet assembled, the clam shell style cockpit is assembled and pilot seated. Finally the single weapon this unit bears is placed, and the unit is ready for display.

No name is often referred to as Glidoler, and has the honor of being one of the very first Zoid concepts ever created. With it's roots dating back to Mechabonica / Starzeta line. This Duck type Zoid is probably remembered by many who had Zoids in their childhood, and it's this piece often sparks a re-interest in the line. Scooting across the floor with wings flapping and pontoon style feet raising and lowering, Glidoler was the first semi-amphibious Zoid able to achieve take off both on land and in the water.

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