Also known as:

Japanese name : Godos
European name :  Trooperzoid

Spartak consists of:

5 Sprues

2 Pilots

1 Canopy

12 Caps

1 Small wind up motor

1 Label Sheet

The build starts with placing the motor inside of the left main frame. This is followed by inserting the neck and tail piece.


Next the left main frame piece is secured, and three caps are placed.

Construction begins on the arms and legs. Each set of both appendages consists of two snap together pieces.

The left leg is positioned, and side frame secured via two caps.

Next the left leg is positioned, and left side panel secured via two caps.

The left arm is then held in place via one cap.

The process is then repeated on the opposite side, and the unit is now freestanding.

The back plate is placed on the tail segment, two cannons attach to the tail, two cannons attach to each side, a set of dual cannons attach to the upper back, and a dual canister is placed on the front.

The head assembly is then built.

The pilot is seated.

Finishing the build consists of adding additional weapons.

The unit is now ready for display. Another classic withstanding the test of time, Spartak was a refreshing Zoid build in the sense that the traditional clam shell cockpit was not used. Also coming with the extra weapons sprue allowing the builder to create a variety of configurations including the small "recog" type vehicle shown above. With more of a vintage flavor, Spartak accentuated the Robo Strux color scheme and remains a classic to this day. 

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