Also known as:

Japanese name : Molga / Morga
European name :  Slitherzoid

Kreep consists of:

3 Sprues

2 Gear pieces

3 Cockpit pieces

1 Small Wind Up Motor

12 Caps

1 Pilot

1 Label sheet

1 Roller wheel piece

The build begins with the traditional sandwiching of the motor.

Next the gears are placed onto the frame. The single gear rests on the tab, and the gear with attached rod slides through and will eventually act as an axle for the wheels.

Next the connecting rod is placed and the wheels are mounted.

Both top and lower tail connect to the wheeled frame via four caps.

The dual cannon mounts on a peg inside the lower middle portion of the tail, the top shell completes the middle tail segment and conceals the weapon. The third segment containing the antennae is secured via two caps. 

The cockpit (clamshell) is then assembled, and pilot is seated.

The final stage consists of placing the cockpit and head piece inside of the dual head guards securing with the two final caps.

The unit is now ready for display.

Kreep is a classic Zoid that has withstood the test of time. The movement is so ingenious and life like it's almost scary to see the unit literally creep across the floor. I consider this piece to be one of the foundation pieces of the Zoids line, and (as with most units) far ahead of it's time. Kreep strikes the perfect balance between building and motion, and demands the respect of both engineer and collector.


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