Also known as:

Japanese name : Gator
European name :  Spineback

Reptex consists of:

3 Sprues

1 Pilot

1 Head Assembly (Clamshell 3 pieces Top, Bottom, and Mouthpiece)

12 Caps

1 Small wind up motor

1 Label Sheet

The build begins with assembling half of the main frame. The motor is placed inside of the right hand side of the frame, and the tail segment is inserted.

The left hand side of the frame is then positioned.

Next, one axle is placed on the short peg of the motor, and covered by the left body cover which is held in place via two caps.

The same process id then repeated for the opposite side.

Next the two L-shaped crossbars are inserted on each axle peg.

Next, each leg is placed onto the peg cross bars and secured via one cap per leg.

Next, the large dorsal fin is fitted, and the 7 barrel short cannon is placed.

The clamshell style cockpit is then assembled and pilot seated.

The unit is now ready for display. Paving the way for it's modern counterpart Gatordus and larger version Dimetrodon, Reptex is an exciting part of Zoids history. When wound the unit stomps forward at a reptilian pace, and it's design remains one of the most archetypical dinosaurs designs to date.

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