EZ-022, or Gatordus is not a very well known Zoid. A smaller version of Dimetrodon, this is a neat little piece. Construction is simple, stickers are few, but the end result is a nice little spine fin that displays well amongst its reptile brothers. Below is a full construction review of this little beauty.

Gatrodus consists of:

3 Sprues

12 Caps

1 (wind up) Motor

1 lense

2 "Clam shell" pieces

1 Sticker Sheet

1 Pilot

Constructions begins with the motor and frame.

The leg struts are then placed.

The bizarre leg configurations is then assembled, similar to scorpion Zoids.

Next the actual legs are positioned.

The fin and gatling unit are then aligned.

The cockpit is then assembled.

The head is positioned and the unit is complete.

Stickers are placed and the unit is ready for display.

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