Also known as:

Japanese name : Geruder
European name :  Zaton

Batlar consists of:

3 Sprues

1 Pilot

1 Head Assembly (Clamshell 3 pieces Top, Bottom, and Mouthpiece)

12 Caps

1 Small wind up motor

1 Label Sheet

The build begins with assembling the main frame, by sandwiching the motor between the two housing frames, and placing the tail on the back peg.

Each axle is then attached to the main frame, body halves placed, and top cannon secured.

Each foot is then secured via one cap.

The cockpit or clamshell assembly is then completed.

The head assembly is then completed.

The unit is now ready for display.

A very charismatic little unit, Batlar house a secret cannon which is activated by the switch on it's back. Pushing the switch forward moves the triple barrel cannon forward, lifting the latch compartment on the upper part of the head. When wound the unit stomps forward, and one can't help but think this small wind up was the basis for the Mad Thunder.

Batlar with left horn cannon removed to show hidden triple cannon and compartment latch.


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