Mad Thunder

After the Empire released the dreaded Death Saurer, the Republic found themselves in a quandary. With the Ultrasaurus outmatched by the Death Saurer the Republic needed to create yet another super power to regain control of the war. The Republic began to work on a large, heavily armored Zoid packed with massive firepower and able to stand it's ground against anything the Empire could throw at it. The Republic started a secret project that would later become known as project "Mad Thunder".

Mad Thunder is a Triceratops type Zoid that was purposely designed to go head on with the Death Saurer. First things first, the Mad Thunder would need to be able to defend itself from the dreaded Charged Particle Cannon packed by the Death Saurer. The Triceratops's head design provided the perfect platform to generate one of the very first "ES" or Electrical Shields (which would also be incorporated into later Zoids like Gojulas Giga). The Electrical Shield would first absorb the energy from the Charged Particle Canoon effectively lessening the remaining amount which could then be deflected. With the main attack successfully defended, the Republic would then focus on providing the unit with enough firepower to actually inflict damage on the Death Saurer.

As most weapons proved to be ineffective against the Death Saurer the Republic decided to take a more direct approach, yet again the Triceratops head design would come into play. The two large horns of the Triceratops became it's primary weapons. Known as the "Magnesser Drills", the Mad Thunder would set the horns spinning and (using it's massive weight) would generate enough force to run full speed at a Death Saurer and simply skewer the beast. Secondary weapons were also placed on the unit for it to be able to defend itself while in the midst of battle. The Mad Thunder plan worked so well that the Empire was unable to stop the onslaught, and eventually lost their capitol to Republic Mad Thunder forces.

Mad Thunder was also equipped with a massive communication system. Located directly behind the large shield that the head provides lies a command base (separate from the pilot) that houses three operators (pictured below). Safely out of harm's way, the Republic operator's could command the giant Zoid as well as intercept messages and scan for oncoming Zoids with the large radar system. The downfall of Mad Thunder is it's size which effects it's maneuverability and renders the unit almost useless in tight quarters. This downfall would ultimately lead to the units demise when the Empire successfully trapped the Mad Thunders in the Devil's Maze. Gil Vader would prove to be the end of Mad Thunder.

As a model, Mad Thunder is a large Zoid. It measures approx. 24" in length and takes up considerable space when displayed. Construction does not take as long as it looks. The pieces are large, and the build is rather short, yet completely satisfying when complete. When activated, Mad Thunder stomps forward with it's jaws chomping, eyes blinking, horns spinning, and cannons moving. Mad Thunder has two speeds that can be selected via a switch on the upper side of the body. Mad Thunder was released as part of the OJR unit which is seldom seen, and rarely seen complete. The NJR release is molded in the same colors, yet lacks the chrome pilots. Mad Thunder was scheduled to be re-released as part of the Techno Zoids line up as "Thunder Tri Tops". Thunder Tri Tops was never officially released, and only pictures of the prototype are known to exist. The unit appears to be complete in the pictures, and is pictured on sprues.

Mad Thunder has seen a small yet steady raise in price, and a normal unit (when found, and as of this writing 2009) sells for around $80.00-$100.00 US. A worthy addition to any Zoids collection, Mad Thunder makes an excellent display piece and is one of the longest Zoids to ever be created.

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