The Hasbro Ultrasaurus is a rare beast. I had the opportunity to pick one up on eBay recently to discover for myself if there are any differenced form the NJR version. I have heard that the hip section on the Hasbro Ultra is much wider than the NJR release. The box of an Ultrasaurus is always stunning, regardless of the release. 

The Hasbro box features the fully built unit on the cover, and several pictures as well as statistics on the reverse.

An interesting error on the box is that the Ultrasaurus is listed as a tyrannosaur type. See below:

I always enjoy the build process of any Ultrasaurus, the Hasbro version being no different. It tends to absorb you with wonder and excitement of anticipating the end result. Below are a couple pictures of the building process. For a full review of building an Ultrasaurus please click here

So is the Hasrbo Ultrasaurus worth adding to your own collection? The answer is yes, there is a large enough difference for me to consider it to be it's own unique piece. I was most surprised at how large the difference actually is. First, let's take a look at the finished piece on it's own.

Below are both NJR and Hasbro version pictured side by side.

In the picture below the large difference is very prevalent in the Hasbro version which is on the right side of the screen.

The NJR version clocks in at approx. 6" wide from hip to hip, while the Hasbro version comes in at a massive approx. 7.75". 


The large difference makes the Hasbro an interesting variation on the Ultrasaurus, and a worthy addition to any collection. If you have the chance, I do recommend picking one up.

Pictured below: Ultra Family.

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