Zoids Death Saurer

Death Saurer


The Death Saurer is a Tyrannosaurus type Zoid, and some say that it was modeled after Godzilla. The Death Saurer was used by both the Zenebas Empire, and later the Guylos Empire. One of the most powerful Zoids to have ever roamed planet Zi, one can only wonder if the Guylos version was a Dark Zoid. Originally developed to match the Republic's Ultrasaurus which was (at the time) considered to be the most powerful Zoid. Death Saurer has the honor of carrying the single most powerful weapon known to Planet Zi, the Charged Particle Cannon or "CPC". The back of the Death Saurer features a (working) intake fan which is used exclusively for the CPC. On the model, this fan actually spins when the unit is activated. 

The Bloody Death Saurer was used by Imperial Regent Gunter Prozen, to attack Republic forces in the Imperial capital. The Bloody Death Saurer eventually fell victim to an Iron Kong. Imperial Regent Prozen was wounded heavily, and set the Bloody Death Saurer into kamikaze mode, which caused the Bloody Death Saurer to explode and destroy almost all armies present as well as the Imperial capital. 

The last incarnation of the Death Saurer was know as the "Mega Death Saurer" and was rebuilt from the wreckage of a recently discovered vintage unit. The Mega Death Saurer was re-incarnated by modern technology , yet something went wrong and the Death Saurer went ballistic and destroyed everything around it. Eventually it took the power of the legendary Three Tigers to bring the unit down. Although the Mega Death Saurer was spotted in model form, we never saw an official release.

Death Saurer is one of the best Zoids that you could ever add to your collection. I do not want to do a full step by step review on this beast again as I have already done one for the Death Saurer's very elusive brother the Bloody Death Saurer, if you haven't read it already give it a look here. I acquired the normal Death Saurer very late into my collection, as I already had the harder to find version so I figured this one could wait. I finally got around to ordering one and it arrived in a few days via UPS. I paid around $40.00 even for the kit, and the shipping was around $8.00 so for just under $50.00 you should be able to land this bad ass.

The box offers some very nice artwork. It shows the unit stomping through a city. The city is literally on fire and one can only think that this giant beast is to blame. 

The Death Saurer belongs in every Zoid collection. It is a very visible piece which truly stands out amongst other Zoids. It stands at an impressive 12" high when completed.


Below are a few pictures of the finished piece.

When activated the unit stomps forward with its arms moving up and down, it's tail swaying back and forth, it's mouth chomping in a very maniacal fashion, any it's eyes illuminate. You definitely get what you pay for with this guy. The stickers are fun to trim and add extra time to the whole building process. Do not hesitate to pick this one up. If you are huge fan you may want to begin the quest to locate the TDP version.

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