Created by the Empire. Iron Kong is a Gorilla type Zoid. Different versions of this Zoid were used by both Zenebas and Guylos Empires. Iron Kong was specifically designed to counter the Republic's Gojulas. Iron Kong is a large and heavily armored unit. Although twice as fast as the Gojulas, Iron Kong is still considered to be sluggish. Iron Kong is very nimble for it's size, and it's prehensile thumbs allow the unit to climb, swing, and grasp. It is also very capable of picking up heavy objects and flinging them at anything (or any Zoid)  in the distance. Iron Kong is able to make a fist and effectively use it to punch it's opponents in close quarter combat. Iron Kong was introduced en masse, and the Empire began it's strike with the deployment of 150 units which would eventually penetrate deep into Republic territory. 

The standard version of Iron Kong  is equipped with a six shot missile launcher, a ten-shot self guided rocket bomb launcher, and a Two-shot tactical SSM launcher. Just like Gojulas, Iron Kong has had many upgrades and a variety of updated releases. The first update is known as the Iron Kong MK II and addressed the slow speed issue by adding a thruster unit to the Kong's back. The thruster unit increased the Kong's speed and agility, as well as gave the unit the ability to make long, almost flight like jumps. A guidance system was built into the Kong's shoulders which enhanced weapons performance by increasing the accuracy of it's missiles.

Iron Kong made it's first model appearance as "Gore the Lord Protector" (Lord Gore: The Protector) in the OER line, and was followed by the Robostrux version known as "Badox".  Next came the chromed Zoids 2 version that went simply by the name of "Iron Kong". The Techno Zoid Iron Kong was released in yellow and gray, and did not have any "back story".

Iron Kong also saw the release of the ultra limited Iron Kong MK II Ltd. This unit took the already improved MK II platform and further improved upon it by adding a long ranged Hyper Beam launcher that was "one shot" deadly at long distances to small and medium sided Zoids. The Iron Kong MK II Ltd also featured more weapons and advanced communications systems. The Iron Kong MK II Ltd could travel at speeds up to 105 miles per hour, making the unit unbelievably fast for a Zoid of it's size and mass. The extra weapons are often referred to as the "PK" weapons set. Very few Iron Kong MK II Ltds were produced due to the time and expense it took to make the units.

The beast known as "Iron Kong PK" was finished in blood red, and is often referred to as the "Bloody Kong". This Iron Kong featured the same weapons as the MK II Ltd. and was based on the Battle Story in which Gunther Prozen who (at the time) was the Guylos Empires "Minister of War".  The "PK" stands for Prozen's Knights. The Prozen Knights were elite body guards that protected Gunther Prozen and used the special blood colored Iron Kong as their standard units. Most of the PK units were destroyed when the Bloody Death Saurer self destructed. This brings us to yet another release of Iron Kong known as the "Shwartz Kong". The Shwartz Iron Kong is labeled as the "Schubaltz Iron Kong" and is basically a black Iron Kong with red armor. The Shwartz Kong features a gatling gun atop it's left shoulder, and was the Iron Kong responsible for bringing down the  Bloody Death Saurer.

Iron Kong was re-colored by Yuji Kaida in his interpretation of the Iron Kong known as "Iron Kong Yeti". This is a majestic all white version of Iron Kong designed to work in Arctic conditions. This Kong did not come with any special weapons, but is equipped with the thruster unit. The last rumored release of Iron Kong is the Guylos specification, or Dark Iron Kong. 

Iron Kong is nothing short of delightful to build. Again the engineering on this piece is amazing and in my mind still competes with the toy releases of today. The build is relatively short, with the majority of the pieces being larger. When turned on, Iron Kong moves forward in true ape like fashion with it's head turning, missile pack rotating, and eyes blinking. Price range varies depending upon release, and an example of a complete Iron Kong MK II Ltd can fetch upwards of 4,000 US. Iron Kong is a fun build and one that's not to be missed by both the average and the avid fan.

This is the Hasbro version of Iron Kong. The interesting thing about this release is that Hasbro decided to include the PK weapons sprue, which makes this Kong highly desirable. This is the same sprue of weapons that is included with Iron Kong PK. No one truly knows the reasoning behind including the extra weapons. The extra weapons increased the value and make this unit harder to find today.

It's always interesting to take a look at the Hasbro Iron Kong's instruction book, which (if you look closely) was altered by placing stickers on the manual (instead of reprinting).


Pictured below: Hasbro Kong with PK weapons set.

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