Bloody Death Saurer

The Death Saurer is a Tyrannosaurus type Zoid, and some say that it was modeled after Godzilla. The Death Saurer was used by both the Zenebas Empire, and later the Guylos Empire. One of the most powerful Zoids to have ever roamed planet Zi, one can only wonder if the Guylos version was a Dark Zoid. Originally developed to match the Republic's Ultrasaurus which was (at the time) considered to be the most powerful Zoid. Death Saurer has the honor of carrying the single most powerful weapon known to Planet Zi, the Charged Particle Cannon or "CPC". The back of the Death Saurer features a (working) intake fan which is used exclusively for the CPC. On the model, this fan actually spins when the unit is activated. 

The Bloody Death Saurer was used by Imperial Regent Gunter Prozen, to attack Republic forces in the Imperial capital. The Bloody Death Saurer eventually fell victim to an Iron Kong. Imperial Regent Prozen was wounded heavily, and set the Bloody Death Saurer into kamikaze mode, which caused the Bloody Death Saurer to explode and destroy almost all armies present as well as the Imperial capital. 

The last incarnation of the Death Saurer was know as the "Mega Death Saurer" and was rebuilt from the wreckage of a recently discovered vintage unit. The Mega Death Saurer was re-incarnated by modern technology , yet something went wrong and the Death Saurer went ballistic and destroyed everything around it. Eventually it took the power of the legendary Three Tigers to bring the unit down. Although the Mega Death Saurer was spotted in model form, we never saw an official release.

Note: This was my first "expensive" Zoid purchase, and very first in depth review of a Zoid.

The TDP Limited Bloody Death Saurer (referred to BDS for the remainder of this document) was one of my "Holy Grail" Zoids. I had this in the box contemplating whether or not to build it for a couple months. I finally decided that Zoids were intended to be built and enjoyed, off came the plastic of my mint in box BDS and I began construction...... 

The BDS kit consists of:

32 Caps

16 Grommets

2 Rubber Non Skids

2 Pilots

1 Rubber band

1 500 Yen TDP Gift Card

1 Motor

7 Sprues

2 Large Body Halves

1 Sticker Sheet 

As usual the kit centered around the motor. I was surprised at the size of the body. I wondered what the hell the rubber band was used for. As soon as I saw a rubber band in a kit I paid over a couple of hundred dollars for I began to question its integrity, as well as my sanity. I quickly learned that the rubber band was actually used as the kits "Fan Belt" that attached to two pulleys to operate the spinning fan that resides on the back of the BDS.

With the center of the unit complete I began to feel better about the kit as a whole, it already started to look amazing.

At approximately 4 inches in length the feet are huge. They also include a small piece of rubber that acts as a "non skid" traction improvement device. For such a tiny modification, it helped immensely when tested on a wooden floor.

This kit is built solid. After completing the lower torso the Zoid stood firmly with no swaying or rocking. It was amazingly level, and the parts fit well together. The grommets really made for a snug fit. Again I wish more kits included the little things like these, although I realize it would ultimately raise the cost.

Moving onto the hands, I found that they had moveable "thumbs" which was an added bonus that adds to the pose able aspects of the kit.

The tail was also a force to behold. The sheer size of this thing is great. Included on the bottom is a roller to aid in movement.

The next stage was rather "Terminator" esque. The three guns form the base of the head, with the light up eye unit resting inside of them, and each side of actual head snapping into their sides. It makes one think of all the engineering that went into the design.

The end result was impressive, and well worth it. The BDS is a mighty unit, that would strike fear into the eyes of anyone unfortunate enough to cross it's path on the battlefield. I was satisfied with the quality of the kit overall. It took about two hours to complete the kit, and was an overall fun experience. There are no loose pieces, and nothing looks as if it will present any problems in the future as far as cracking, ect. The spinning back fan is a great addition that looks awesome when the beast is stomping forward. Pilot positioning is nice, and motion is unhindered and realistic. A great addition to any collection, and one of my Zoid "Holy Grails" has been completed.

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