Gojulas Giga

Produced by the Helic Republic, Gojulas Giga is a Giganotosaurus type Zoid and the second incarnation of Gojulas. One of few Zoids to have two distinct modes, the Gojulas Giga can freely switch between them. The first mode is known as "battle mode" and allows the Giga to make full use of all of it's weapons including it's teeth and large claws. The second mode is known as "pursuit mode" which allows the unit to travel at high rates of speed, also allowing for finer movement negotiating shape turns and stopping quickly. Gojulas Giga was built to fight in close combat situations, and was actually developed while the Republic was in retreat and hauled up in a mountain range. 

In order to effectively fight in close range situations the Gojulas Giga was built with amazingly powerful jaws, and the "standard Gojulas tail attack" was improved upon by adding a pair of laser razor blades capable of slicing through thick armor. This enabled the unit to quickly swipe with it's tail smashing the opponents armor, and following up with literally tearing the unit apart with it's teeth and claws. Gojulas Giga also makes use of superior defensive technology by employing what has come to be known as an "Electronic Shield" which resembles a force field of energy that surrounds and protects the unit. Further advancing defense systems, Giga is equipped with a high powered anti Electronics Counter-Measure device which protects the unit's transmissions from being jammed by anti-communication Zoids like Dimetrodon

Gojulas Giga does not posses any super powerful long ranged weapons, but does have the special ability to fire what is known as a "Core Cannon". A Core Cannon requires the unit to extend the large spiked plates that adorn each foot to effectively lock the Zoid into the ground to brace itself for the high recoil of firing the Cannon. (See picture of foot plate below) A shot from the Core Cannon requires an immense amount of energy drained directly from the Zoid's Core and directed up through the back fins. When the shot is fired a shower of energy rains down upon anything in the immediate radius of the Gojulas Giga. The required amount of energy is so immense that it could possibly have detrimental effects on the Zoid, and only the Gojulas Giga itself can decide if the shot is truly necessary. 

Gojulas Giga does posses mounts to fit a pair of Republic Super Cannons, but they do not come standard. The model is complex for a Zoid, and the build is lengthy.. Just like King Gojulas, the Giga is equipped with a speaker that roars as the Giga walks with it's arms moving and eyes blinking. The model is able to switch modes, true to the back story, and movement changes to match the mode selected. Construction of the unit is easy to foul up, and if one part is not correctly assembled the entire unit is hindered (even more so than normal due to the under-powered motor). Pay close attention when assembling the unit. Gojulas sold poorly in retail stores, making the unit easier to find today. Gojulas Giga has had a total of three official releases; the standard release as seen in both the Hasbro and NJR line, a limited unit dubbed "Prototype Gojulas Giga", and a Fuzors release. Prototype Gojulas Giga was a re-colored version released by Toys Dream Project. True to the first release Proto Giga sold poorly and excess stock quickly dropped in price. Not even TDP could save the Giga. The Fuzors version was re-colored and featured a pair of police sirens that could be installed on the unit. This model is sometimes referred to as "Giggles" in the model building community. Due to it's massive numbers Gojulas Giga can often be picked up for a small sum, allowing many Zoiders the luxury of customizing and cannibalizing the unit. Unfortunately most Gojulas Giga (and variations) suffer from what known as "shedding" and lose arms and armor pieces both frequently and easily.

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