Inspired by Godzilla,  Gojulas is a Tyrannosaurus type Zoid. The Gojulas was created by the Helic Empire, and has been used throughout the wars on Planet Zi. Produced after Mammoth and Giant Zrk Gojulas took the positive aspects of both of these Zoids and further improved them considerably. With it's heavy armor, Gojulas was considered the most powerful Zoid to inhabit Planet Zi for many years.

Gojulas is a slow moving unit, that despite it's low speed is surprisingly maneuverable, and can even function while submerged. Gojulas packs a wide array of weapons including it's infamous tail which has been used to topple more than one medium sized Zoid. Gojulas has seen several updates throughout it's time on Planet Zi. The first improved version of Gojulas was Gojulas MK II, which added a mount to fit a pair of Republic Super Cannons. This made Gojulas even more feared as it could now strike from long distances. In order to carry the cannons, Gojuals MKII, sacrificed a considerable amount of speed. When Gojulas was first deployed by the Helic Republic it was unmatched by any Zenebas Empire unit. The introduction of the Red Horn even failed to combat the beast known as Gojulas. Eventually Gojulas met it's match with the introduction of the Iron Kong.

Gojulas underwent further evolution in the rarely seen Gojulas MK II Ltd. Additional weapons systems were mounted on this unit, as well as extra systems that further enhanced it's performance, and also addressed the aforementioned speed sacrifice. Gojulas MK II Ltd. also sported extra fuel tank, and more room to hold additional ammo for the Super Cannons. The Gojulas MK II Ltd was expensive and took a great length of time to produce, therefore not many units were actually made, forcing the production of "regular" MK II units as opposed to MK II Ltd. units. The Gojulas remained in Republic troops until the end of the war.

After the meteor strike the Republic again began production of the Gojulas, this incarnation was known as the "Gojulas the Ogre". The Ogre version incorporated an Organoid System and an expanded arsenal. This version of the almighty Gojulas was so powerful that only highly skilled pilots could attempt to control the unit, therefore not many of these units were produced.

The building of any Gojulas model is not to be missed. It's a classic design with a good amount of build time, and when complete the unit stomps forward, raising its arms, opening it's mouth, all while the eyes are glowing. There are several version of the model including the early Robostrux version known as Terox, the Yuji Kaida version Gojulas Mariner (which is finished in sea worthy colors and was more adapt at under water combat), Gojulas Holotech, and even a green Forest Gojulas. Gojulas is a classic model that tends to stand tall in any Zoids collection, all collectors should seek at least one example of this unit. The more common forms of Gojulas can be found with ease online, while the vintage versions commend high prices when and if they can be located. With so many parts, it's hard to find a complete version of any vintage Gojulas.

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