Thunder Tritops: fact or fiction?

I recently acquired some very unique transparencies. When they arrived, to my surprise, there
were more than I had originally expected. I did some research to confirm my thoughts on this piece, and
have come to the conclusion that this is the elusive Tehcno Zoid "Tri Thunder Tops". An email to seller
confirmed nothing more than that these are authentic pictures for a seldom seen location.

My guess is that these are a rare look into TOMY's prototype testing grounds.  If my memory serves me correctly I do remember seeing one photo of this piece, but in that photo all of the the red pieces looked more bright and vibrant, and not this deep wine red reminiscent of the red Robostrux that is present on some of the pieces. Looking at the photos below you can see the pieces still on the sprue, along with the motor which suggest that this piece may have been closer to actual production than originally thought.  I really wish this piece would have been released. In the lot of pictures there is also a jet propped up on a box along with some electrical wiring, and it looks to have been freshly painted confirming my thoughts that these had to have been taken at some type of TOMY development center. If there are any TOMY model jet collector's out there that recognize this piece, and can give me some more insight as to the date that these were taken please do no hesitate to email me.  If you ever do find one of these please contact me ASAP, as I will (as always) give it a great home! For now, enjoy a rare look at what could have been: "Tri Thunder Tops".

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