Also known as:

Japanese name : Merda
European name :  HellRunner

Runna consists of:

3 Sprues

1 Pilot

1 Head Assembly (Clamshell 3 pieces Top, Bottom, and Mouthpiece)

12 Caps

1 Small wind up motor

1 Label Sheet

The build begins with placing the motor inside the right hand side of the main frame.

Next, the neck and tail are inserted into the frame which is then finished by placing the left side of the main frame over both pieces.

Next a choice between a single long range cannon, or booster unit is offered. For this build I am using the cannon, pictures of the unit with booster will be displayed below at the end of the review,

With the main frame complete, the build moves to the legs. Each leg consists of a main leg support, a foot, and a cap.

The right leg is then fitted, and the body cover is secured via one cap.

The process is repeated for the left side, and each arm is secured via one cap.

The clamshell cockpit is then constructed.

The cockpit is placed, pilot is seated, and the unit is ready for display.

Maintaining it's lean and mean recon style, Runna is a classic Zoid in both movement and appearance. It's sleek and rather stylish, and the choice between the ranged cannon and booster makes this unit the complete package as changing this one armament gives Runna a drastically different look and purpose. Although my favorite version is the classic silver chrome Zoids 2 version, it's nice to display this Zoids evolution starting with it's first American release.

Pictured below with booster unit.

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