Energy Liger

(Liger Zero Base Build)

The Energy Liger is a lion type Zoid created by the Neo-Zenebas Empire. Using Liger Zero X as a base, the Energy Liger is unique in many ways. The most obvious obscurity on this Zoid is the large "Energy Charger" system present on the back of the Zoid. This charger is linked directly with the Liger's core and modifies the power output by turning the exiting energy into tachyon particles. (Basically, a tachyon particle is a particle that travels faster than light.) The four hoses seen on the energy pack serve as the delivery system for these particles. By using tachyon particles to power both it's weapons and movement systems, the Energy Liger can achieve superior speed and considerably more firepower than a Zoid comparable in size. 

The Energy Liger also features a wide array of weapons. The first main piece of weaponry is a two barrel charger beam cannon, this is partnered with an unmistakable eight barrel charger gatling gun.  Both of these weapons are powered by the energy charger, and are capable of ungodly amounts of damage. A small pair of wings also adorn Energy Liger, also powered by the energy charger, these wings make the Zoid capable of limited flight. The wings can also be used offensively as a pair of laser blades capable of cutting through an enemy as if it were a tin can. In addition to these three unique weapons the Energy Liger also has an AZ X Blade, a Gungir Horn that it can use as a lance, and each of the claws xan also serve as weapons.

In the Battle Story, the Neo-Zenebas Empire used the Liger Zero X as a start, and tried to improve upon it in every way conceivable to create the Energy Liger. The Energy Liger was first used to help protect the Seismosaurus from the Gairyuki, this was during the time when the Republic tried to retake their capitol from the Empire. With the introduction of the Energy Liger into the battle the Empire went from defense to offense and was very successful at driving the Republic off forcing a major retreat. It would be almost exactly one  year later when the Republic tried to storm the capitol for the second time. This time they were greeted by not only regular Energy Ligers, but a special version of Energy Liger owned and operated by the Empire's Emperor Wollf Muroa. This Energy Liger had been modified to have a higher output of tachyon particles than the normal Energy Liger. Again the Energy Ligers prevailed, and devastated the Republic Forces. During this second battle the modified Energy Liger was damaged which lead to a large unbalance of highly excited, highly flammable, and highly explosive tachyon particles. The high output of the particles with no possible place to disperse them would effectively turn the Energy Liger into a large bomb that, if it were not for a Republic pilot (Ray Gregg) of a Liger Zero Falcon unit who linked up with the Energy Liger and successfully absorbed the excess energy, would have literally demolished everything and everyone involved in the battle.

The Energy Liger also appeared in the Fuzors Anime, where it was presented as an unknown Zoid that rushed into a battle and easily decimated a Berserk Fury and Matrix Dragon. One character in the Anime believed the Energy Liger to be the legendary "Alpha Zoid". The Energy Liger appeared several more time throughout the series launching random attacks, and disappearing. 

There have been a total of three versions of the Energy Liger model kit to be released. It first made it's appearance in the Hasbro line and the NJR line back in 2003. Each of these version have distinct colors, with the Hasbro version's armor being predominantly black, and the NJR's armor  red. The third and final release was the Fuzors edition. This version retained the Hasbro color's and came with an extra sprue of adapters. These adapters allowed for the creation of the Energy Falcon when it is combined with Jet Falcon, or Energy Ray Liger when fused with Gorilla Tron.

 Pictured below: "Energy Ray Liger"




 Additionally Energy Liger can combine with Scissor Storm and Laser Storm to become the Energy Storm Variant. 

The Energy Liger build is also unique. Although it is based on a normal Liger frame, the unit makes use of battery powered air pump representing the Energy Charger. The Energy Charger consists of two large bellows that supply air " tachyon particles" to the Liger's movement or weapons system. The mode can be selected and as a result of selecting the movement mode the air travels through the tubes and into the wings allowing the wings to fold and unfold as the unit walks forward. The real treat is when the weapons system is selected. The air is directed to the weapons successfully setting the charger gattling spinning and animating the dual charger cannon which pulsates back and forth. Being one of few antagonist Liger's the Energy Liger is an excellent piece to add to your collection. The animation on this piece is truly a sight to behold, and puts most "modern" toys to shame with it's air pump technology. The armor holds on surprisingly well, and my piece does not shed at all. } The colors compliment each other very well, and it is worthy to note the distinct ancient Zoidian runes found on the horn which are later seen in the Genesis line on pieces like Gil Dragon. Perhaps foreshadowing proof that the Energy Liger was indeed the legendary "Alpha Zoid"? Although becoming a bit on the rare side you can still land this bad ass for around $40.00-$50.00 US, and it's worth every last penny.

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