Billed as a "Chimera" type, this is the Hasbro version of Laser Storm. Part of a set of Zoids known as the Storm Brothers. Laser storm has the ability to fuse with the Seismosaurus making the "Ultimate Seismosaurus" known in the Zoids Fuzors world. Designated as BZ-017, Laser Strom is an interesting little Blox let's take a closer look at this walking cannon.

Laser Storm consists of:

3 Sprues

1 Cresent Laser Cannon (Large Head Piece)

1 Cresent Laser

4 Gun Feet

1 Lens

1 Pilot

1 Connector piece

2 Blox

4 Ring Caps

1 Sticker Sheet

The build begins with assembling the head, the first part of which is mounting the lens, lens cover, and Blox to form the lower base of the head.

In the next step, the pilot is placed and the upper head is constructed. 

The large cockpit piece and cover are placed on the lower base of the head assembled above.

Next, the Crescent Laser is placed via the connector, and the smaller "Laser horn" is also fitted.

Construction then begins on the large Gatling unit. Three double cannons are placed on the gear in a circular pattern. The smaller gear piece is fitted on the back.

The assembled cannons on gear are then placed into the housing cover.

Construction then starts on the legs. The two front legs are assembled first. Each foot is composed of two pieces along with a ring cap.

The back legs are then built in the same manner.

Next the body is assembled. Below is an exploded view of the piece used in this step.

The legs are then connected to the body via four small joints.

The Gatling cannon is then placed on the back of the unit, and it is now ready for stickers.

After the stickers are affixed the unit is ready for display.

The finished unit is an awesome little over gunned unit. It reminds me of a Spiny Lobster. It's a great little piece that I think is a very nice stand alone unit. One of the better Blox, it is a worthy addition to any collection.

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