The Hasbro version of EZ-069, the Seismosaurus, is a color variation on the piece that I actually prefer more than the original color scheme. Seismosaurus makes use of a pulley system and thus is a very intriguing and unique build. I was surprised at the size of the box when this one came in, as it's a medium sized standard Hasbro box, and not the elongated version that comes with the NJR version. Let's take an in depth look at this beastie.

Seismosaurus consists of:

14 Sprues

18 Caps

1 Motor (with cord)

1 Sticker Sheet

1 Joint

6 Lens Pieces

3 Pilots

5 (pulley) Wheels

1 Neck Piece

An interesting thing that I noticed when I was gathering the sprues getting ready for the build is that there are two different shades of red sprues. The smaller ones are a deeper red, and the larger ones are a brighter red. Although hard to capture in a picture you can see the difference below:

The build begins with attaching the switch cover along with several clips to the main body.

Next, construction begins on the elongated neck, and head.

Head shots:

The head is then attached and the neck piece is complete.

Next the feet are started. All four are built at the same time.

The feet are then connected to the upper legs.

The rear legs are then constructed.

The leg sets are then connected to the body via a cap and an "L" joint.

With both sets of legs in place the tail is started. There is a pulley incorporated into each tail segment. The pulleys go in order from largest to smallest.

The covers are then fitted.

The last tail segment is placed, and fitted with the connector that attaches the tail to the main body.

Next, the string that is attached to the motor is stretched over the pulleys and the exposed string is then covered with bars.

The final tail segment contain a triple cannon is fitted. The bead on the string fits into the end of this piece anchoring the pulley system.

The neck is then fitted on the front of the unit and the final three neck covers are positioned.

Next the plethora of a total of 23 neck guns are fitted along the top and bottom of the neck as well as tail.

The final guns are fitted on each side of the body for a total of 8 more guns. Also 2 cockpits and two side arm radar units are constructed and fitted.

The unit is now ready for stickers.

Although I dont think much of the layout of the Hasbro sticker scheme, the black and red Seismosaurus is a really nice piece. It's really serpentine in nature, and the design flows well and is good at being what it is. Coming in at approx. 30" in length this bad boy is going to need some room to display properly. A worthy addition to any collection, don't miss it!

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