Gil Dragon GZ-018 is the new release of the highy sought after Gilvader. Although Gil Dragon lacks the wicked appearance of it's predecessor, and has an almost opposite color scheme, this Zoid still is absolutely awesome. A must add to any collection, the following is my account of building the Gil Dragon. 

Gil Dragon is composed of the following:

8 Sprues

2 Motors

3 Gear Rods

2 Springs

1 Sticker Sheet


1 set of extra antlers

1 (white pilot)

28 caps (24 large, 4 larger) 

The process begins with assembling the large body which houses one of the motors that is responsible for movement as well as the buzz saw action.

Clocking in at almost 12" in length, one can begin to envision just how massive this Zoid will become.

Adding the tail piece Gil Dragon is now pushing 20" in length.

Work now begins on the wings and in my opinion one of the best features. Each wing houses a huge Buzz Saw that, when complete, will actually spin.

It is then time to attach the wings to the main body unit. With both wings in place, we are looking at a wingspan of approx. 21".

Gil Dragons feet are amazing, and rivaled only by the likes of Death Saurer.

With four feet in place the mighty beast is able to stand.

The next focus is Gil Dragon's head. Although it does not take long to assemble, the results are awesome. The canopy is approx. 3.75" in length.

The last phases consist of adding the battery covers, choosing which set of antlers to adorn Gil Dragon with, and adding neck weapons that help hold this unit together.

The stickers provided with the kit are awesome in the fact they they are not the norm when it comes to Zoids stickers. You will not find the traditional "Rescue" or "Caution" sticker sheet, instead you are provided with very detailed slim-lined stickers that feature what looks to be a cross between Nordic Runes and the Hebrew alphabet. Zoidian alphabet perhaps?

In conclusion Gil Dragon is truly one of my favorite Zoids. Each motor has a switch and when activated the unit animates beautifully. One switch controls the blinking blue "neon esque" lights that flash in patterns that would promote an epileptic seizure. The other switch enables the unit to stomp forward with it's two sets of saws spinning, mouth opening and closing, and wings flapping in a very fluid motion. In my continuing quest to locate the prized Gilvader, Gil Dragon fills the void. (Not completely, but it's good, very good.)

Update: Now that I have obtained Gil Vader, Gil dragon is still just awesome and sits on the shelf right next to Gilvy.