Berserk Fury / Buster Fury

Berserk Führer / Buster Führer

The Berserk Fury or  Buster Führer (Führer meaning "leader" or "guide" in German) is a Tyrannosaurus type Zoid created by the Guylos Empire. The Fury is directly based upon the wild Zoid which may have also been the basis for the Death Saurer. The Berserk Fury is very agile, aggressive, and responsive. Due to it's Organoid system it's also more intelligent than other similar sized Zoids. With a good amount of thrusters located in strategic places throughout it's body the Berserk Fury is capable of a limited degree of flight.

Another similarity Berserk Fury shares with the Death Saurer is it's ability to mount and use the dreaded Charged Particle Cannon. It's secondary weapons are a pair of highly visible claws known as Buster Claws (and deemed by fans as "egg beaters"). Each claw possesses not only one but three distinct abilities. The first function is to act as a powerful beam cannon when the Charged Particle Cannon cannot be used, or in support of said cannon. The secondary function is to provide defense by enabling the unit to enact an "ES" or Electrical Shield first seen on shield like and later seen on Zoids like Gojulas Giga. Last but far from least the Buster Claws enable the Berserk Fury to channel energy into the Charged Particle Cannon to further enhance it's devastating effects.

Berserk Fury also sports a pair of "Strike Claws" which can be used similar to those of Liger Zero. Additional weaponry includes: Electron Fangs and it's  Strike Smash Tail. Equipment wise Berserk Fury has a Charged Particle Generator, ten vernier thrusters, two high maneuver thrusters, and ion booster pack, and four anchors. The anchors are located on the back of the Zoids feet and are used to stabilize the unit as it prepares to fire the massive charged particle cannon. The downfall of the Berserk Fury possessing the Charged Particle Cannon is that it must remain anchored in the same place to properly fire the cannon due to the high recoil of the blast. Berserk Fury is also capable of using a changing armor system or "CAS". Known as the CP-27 or "Sturm Unit" it removes the Buster Claws while increasing the speed from a 211 miles per hour  to an incredible 280 miles per hour maximum. In lieu of the Buster Claws the CP-27 lends the Berserk Fury a pair of claws similar to the Geno Breakers X - Breakers

In the "old" (non-Anime) battle story, the Republic first used Berserk Fury units during it's invasion of the Dark Continent of Nyx. Berserk Fury's were used by the elite Eisen Dragoons to halt the progress of a formation of Liger Zeros. The Berserk Furys were almost successful in wiping out the entire force of Liger Zeros until the arrival of the Gun Blusters. Later on, the CP-27 would be initiated due to the Gun Blusters.

Later on, the Berserk Fury would again be used. This time in a coup by the Eisen Dragoons against Guylos forces and this is when the Fury managed to defeat the "other" infamous Guylos Zoids including both Geno Breaker and Geno Saurer.  The Coup was a success and the Empire was reformed and now dubbed the "Neo-Zenebas Empire". It is my speculation that this is the time the Berserk Fury's initial platform was altered and changed into the Berserk Fury Variation and limited Yuji Kaida Zoid know as the Sturm Tyrann.  In 2003 the Sturm (German word meaning "Storm") Tyrann (German word meaning "Tyrant") was released as a re-colored red, black, and gold unit. The sticker sheet was re-designed to reflect the change to the Neo Zenebas Empire, and it came equipped with a re-colored CP-27 CAS unit colored to match the unit. The Sturm Tyrann comes with a variety of extra armor pieces. Due to this, there are enough extra pieces to drastically change the look of a regular Berserk Fury into a golden Buster Clawed semi red unit with gold anchors. I don't know if there is an official name for this unit, but I like to think of it as it's own distinct variation on the Berserk Fury. This Unit is featured below near the end of this review.

Berserk Fury saw it's third variation later on when a group of scientists from both the ZOITEC corporation and Guylos, as well as the defeated and retreating Republic survivors combined to rebuild the Republic. Direct observation of how accurate, agile, and destructive the Berserk Fury was this group sought out to improve upon it's already deadly design. Known as the Gairyuki or Gai Ryuki, this unit was derived from the base of the Berserk Fury along with the Zoitec designed Blox armor, and the Republic's newly developed Ray Absorbing Charged Particle Cannon. 

Taking a further look into the history of Berserk Fury we must take into account it's appearance in the Zoids New Century Zero Anime where the unit is "discovered" and eventually piloted by a child prodigy by the name of Vega Obscura. It's opponent in the series is the Liger Zero piloted by Bit Cloud. The Berserk Fury made it's first appearance by destroying several formidable Zoids without the use of it's CAS. In this Anime there appears to be only one Berserk Fury, and it is not seen as a mass production unit as it is was in the original battle story. The Berserk Fury also appears in the Zoids:Fuzors Anime, again as the Liger Zero's main adversary. In this Anime the Berserk Fury is piloted by Blake and is able to fuse with the avian Zoid known as Buster Eagle. In it's fused form Berserk Fury is known as Buster Fury or Buster Führer. It was destroyed mid-way though the Fuzors series and was replaced by a Gairyuki. Fuzors presented Berserk Fury as a non-unique mass production type Zoid , yet only one unit had the specific ability to combine with Buster Eagle.

Taking a look at the actual model releases, the Berserk Fury made it's debut in 2001 in the NJR line. Meant to be part of the Eisen Dragoons as described above, the model kit came with the wrong stickers, and actually features the Prozen Knights (See Iron Kong and Death Saurer for more on the Prozen Knights) or "Bee" logo instead of the Eisen Dragoon logo. The model kit is molded in lavender with a large amount of batch variation, and has dull silver teeth and claws, as well as two small transparent red eyes. 

The Berserk Fury was also released by Hasbro which is when we initially saw the named officially changed from Berserk Führer to Berserk Fury, as Berserk Führer was deemed too offensive for the Western market even though the Western Market releases movies with titles like "Meet the Fockers". Berserk Fury was also released as part of the NPR with only the packaging changing. 

In 2003 we received the Yuji Kaida limited Sturm Tyrann. The sticker sheet reflected it's Neo-Zenebas origin and the Storm Unit was standard. This model gave the builder a variety of choices when assembling it right down to more angled face molding. Considered to be one of the biggest bad ass's around Sturm Tyrann is a big boxed unit that is harder to find, and when found it commands a high price at this point approaching $300.00 US.

The last release of Berserk Fury was the Fuzors edition titled Buster Führer. The backpack was modified on this unit to fit the Buster Eagle that came standard with the unit. The feet were also changed enabling the unity to walk properly with the Buster Eagle atop the unit. Buster Führer came with an Anime accurate mini figure of Blake and had a re-vamped sticker sheet. Somewhere between 2001 to 2004 there were some chrome examples of Berserk Fury. I believe these were old Leo-Shop chromes. They are seldomly seen, and do make for glorious display units. 

The CP-27 is one of (technically) two CAS systems available for Berserk Fury. This unit was produced in 2001 and had a very short production run making it extremely rare and pricey when found. As mentioned above, this CAS adds a pair of large scale boosters to Berserk Fury's back making it capable of longer and higher "flights". It also includes the X-breakers, and armor upgrades. The CP-27 would allow the Fury to fly past the Gun Bluster problem (mentioned above) and assault them from the flanks successfully turning the tide of battle. The Cp-27 comes on 3 frames and is molded in lavendar, red, and silver. This same kit was standard, although re-colored on the Sturm Tyrann. A rare CP this will set you back $50-120 US. CP-27 pictured below:

The second CAS kit for Berserk Fury was a resin kit that sold in limited numbers at Wonder Fest in Japan in 2006. Ironically titled as the "Mass Production Type", this kit turns one hand of the Berserk Fury into a butcher knife. Additionally, it has a "helmet" for the head and mounts a large Buster Cannon on the Fury's back. Rarely, if ever, discovered expect to pay a premium of about $300.00 US for this butcher cleaver wielding bad ass. MPT-CP pictured below:

The Berserk Fury is one of the more complex Zoids builds. Using two triple A batteries for it's motion, Berserk Fury actually has a switch for the operator to select between two distinct modes of operation. The first mode makes the Zoid walk forward with its arms swinging, and tail sweeping. The second mode is just awesome. In this mode the Berserk Fury stands totally still and opens the intake vents on the tail while deploying the Charged Particle Cannon. Check the build file located above to get a general idea of building this piece. The eyes are exceptionally hard to place and can break if not handled properly. The tail vents also must be perfectly aligned and trimmed flawlessly to operate correctly. On the Sturm Tyrann it is possible for the X-breakers to bend and eventually snap as the plastic is not heavy enough to support the weight of the claws. This problem can be solved by carefully positioning the Zoid to take the weight off of the claw units when displaying it for extended periods of time. I consider the build to be extremely fun, and I am currently up to about 6 pieces (including one custom the Black Tyrann). A variety of pieces and variable sizes of those pieces  make this build very time consuming, yet totally satisfying when complete. The actual Zoid is a sizeable piece when finished and the Buster Claws make for almost endless display possibilities. A highly desirable kit, I recommend picking up at least one of these history rich beauties. 

As discussed above I would like to now take a look at the extra pieces that come from the Sturm Tyrann. With plenty leftover pieces including the golden Buster Claws this makes a separate Berserk Fury possible. Below is a look at the extra pieces.

Getting ready to transfer onto a regular Berserk Fury frame.

Leftover transfer pieces.

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