Gun Bluster has always been one of my favorite Zoids. I have always (lovingly) referred to the unit as "The God of Gats". Although this is not part of the Grade Up series, it does sport some wicked chrome work. Designed as a support unit to release a barrage of fire, Gun Bluster has an array of weaponry built into its back. The 22 golden barrels plus large spikes that adorn both sides of the unit make one hell of an impressive Zoid. Lets take a look at the OJR version of Gun Bluster.

Gun Bluster consists of:

1 Motor (pre built)

5 Sprues

4 Gears

1 Gear cover

14 Caps

1 Pilot

1 Instruction Sheet

1 Sticker Sheet

The OJR Gun Bluster comes with a pre-built motor, but it does come with a screw that can be removed to have a look at the inside.

Inside is the classic Grade Up motor, three gears, and the battery contact wires.

The gears inside work not only to turn the legs, but also to rotate the top gear port box that is built in the next step.

The first step is assembling the gear port which makes contact with main gear above allowing all three cannons to spin.

The gear box is assembled using the three gears pictured above, the gear pictured below, gear cover, and the actual box that houses them all.

Pictured below is the completed gear box.

In the next step the motor, gear box, battery cover, on/off switch, jaw pieces, a couple caps, and jaw operating rod are placed. Below is an exploded view.

One of the most interesting internal features of Gun Bluster is the on/off switch which is placed over the motor and push or pulled to turn the unit on and off. Another interesting fact is that the OJR version features a pair of conduit like wires on both body halves that are not present on the newer releases. (Noted below)

Next, the other body half is positioned and held on with two caps.

In the next step the eyes, head cover, tail guard, and front clip are placed.

Below complete.

Next, the two rows of guns slide and lock in.

Next come the gatling gun assemblies.

Bad ass.

Each set then "plugs in" to the gearbox.

Next the spikes are placed on each side.

Again, bad ass.

Next the feet are attached to the one piece legs, the axles are installed, and the completed leg units are held in position with one cap per leg.

Below complete.

In the next step the side and feet guard rails are placed.

The last step consists of seating the pilot, placing the horn and "Grade Up" bars, and fitting the last two caps.

Nice and shiny extra bling.

The unit is complete and all that remains is to place the stickers.

Gun Bluster is now finished.


Gun Bluster is the King of Bling rivaled only by the Grade Up Zoids. Its a classic design that belongs in any collection. When powered on the unit moves forward at a dramatically real (slow) pace with its jaws chomping and the gatling guns spinning. The OJR is by far the best version. Getting harder to come by now it is worth actively seeking. Not only does Gun Bluster sport more gold than a pimp in 1985, it does so with a very imperious style that makes it unforgettable from the first time one is lucky enough to lay eyes upon it.

Awhile back I enjoyed the Gun Blusters design so much that I did a custom. Pictured below is the Arctic Blaster, along with the NJR version.

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