Created by the Empire, the Geno Breaker is a Tyrannosaurus type Zoid. When the Geno Saurers began to fall victim to Blade Ligers, the Empire was forced to come up with a larger, stronger, and superior unit. Using the platform of the previously highly successful Geno Saurer, the Empire (in ZAC 2100) would produce a unit with more focus on speed, mobility, and maneuverability. This unit would become known as the Geno Breaker (or GenoBreaker) The first step taken was removing the back mounted laser guns, and replacing them with a (very large) thruster unit. This would provide the unit limited flight capabilities. The back placed back also provided the platform  for the Geno Breakers signature weapon known as the "X-Breakers". The X-Breakers are a pair multi-function tools able to perform in both offensive and defensive manners. The X-Breakers appear as a pair of claws mounted on extendable arms. Used a massively destructive close combat weapon, the X-Breakers can also function as shields. The plates of armor reminiscent of a medieval style shield can be used as exactly such, while the claws themselves can generate an "E-Shield" or Electrical Shield. On the model kit the claws can slide up and down on a "track" inside the shield. This shield forms a force field of energy that surrounds the front half of the Geno Breaker. The Geno Breaker also sports an array of other weaponry including the Laser Charging Blade on it's head (that change change position) , Hyper fangs and claws (akin to Liger Zero's Strike Claws), a pair of AZ 140mm Shock Guns, a pair of 80mm Beam Guns, and a Micro Poison Missile Pod. It's main weapon of mass destruction, the infamous Charged Particle Cannon, that was originally carried over from the Death Saurer, then passed on to the Geno Saurer, is now in place on the Geno Breaker. (This weapon would also carry on to it's successor, the Berserk Fury.)

The Geno Breaker handles the common problem of firing the Charged Particle Cannon in two different manners. The first, and more traditional manner are the pair of anchors that reside on the backside of each foot. Akin to the Geno Saurer and the Berserk Fury, these anchors descend into the ground effectively locking the unit into the earth to brace the unit as well as provide stabilization for the immense recoil. The Geno-Breaker, with it's limited flight capabilities, can also deal with the massive recoil by propelling itself up into the air using it's thruster units, which effectively counters the recoil as well.

The Geno Breaker also possesses the "Chogokin" ability to launch it's hands on long, retracting cables. However, the Geno Breaker cannot deliver the additional electrical shock that can, potentially, be induced by Geno Saurer. With it's plethora of weapons, Geno Breaker is lacking in any rear facing weapons, this is also the problem with the E shield which only covers the front half of the unit. The Geno Breaker is severely open to attack from behind.

The Geno Breaker was successful when deployed and actively wreaked havoc upon the Republic, and specifically the Blade Liger. Alas, all good things come to an end, and the end of the Geno Breaker was marked with the introduction of a superior Blade Liger. This Liger with the "AB" or Attack Booster unit would outmatch the Geno Breaker just as it's predecessor the Geno Saurer was out matched by the regular Blade Liger. In the Battle Story, the Geno Breaker was released in limited numbers but still saw a great amount of combat. It was a Geno Breaker that teamed up with a Blade Liger that would bring an end to rein of terror introduced by the berserk Death Stinger by breaking a hole in Death Stinger's E Shield with it's Charged Particle Cannon. The Geno Breaker Zoid was destroyed, but it's pilot was the only one to escape the battle with his life. The Geno Breaker would eventually by replaced by the Berserk Fury.

Taking a look into the Zoids Anime Guardian Force, we see only one Geno Breaker. This is the Geno Breaker piloted by Raven (the main antagonist) and produced from the "evolution" of his Geno Saurer. In the Anime, the Geno Breaker is presented as such a powerful Zoid that an Organoid could only remain attached to it's core for approx. 60 seconds, while Shadow (Raven's Organoid) can remain attached for approx. 180 seconds. The reason behind the time differential is unknown. Much of the Anime is focused on trying to defeat Raven and his Geno Breaker. On one occasion a team of three different Zoids types  was formed to track and destroy the Geno Breaker. The Geno Breaker successfully destroyed this team.

Geno Breaker was released by TOMY, Academy, and Hasbro as part of the NJR line. The only difference between the releases is the inclusion of a Shadow pre-painted organoid figure. Shadow was NOT included with the Hasbro release. If you have the choice you would be better served actively seeking out the NJR version not only for extra figure, but also because of quality control issues. The plastic on the Hasbro version varied greatly, and I recently received an email from a fellow collector who even thought that he may have purchased a fake: 

"I recently purchased a Geno Breaker but when I
got it the plastic seemed to be a bit "cheap". Do you think if i sent you a couple of pictures of
the Geno you could tell me if I paid for a cheap/fake Geno Breaker? I'd
really appreciate it if you could do this. Thanks." -EL

The Hasbo version of the Geno Breaker was billed as the "R Special or "Raven Special" unit and came with a unique set of stickers meant to adorn the sides of each shied that designated the unit as Ravens, see pictures below. It includes a red mini figure of Raven to adorn the cockpit.

The Geno Breaker was released in 2000, and the build is very similar to the Geno Saurer. More advanced than an average Zoid, the Geno Breaker has a variety of small parts that all must be configured correctly for the Zoid to run correctly. When activated, the unit stomps forward with it's jaws chomping, arms swinging, and tail swinging. Some units seem to be under powered and suffer drastically from the weight of the large Booster Pack on the back. The afflicted units remain in place and tends to thrash about like a fish out of water. Again, just like the Geno Saurer the Geno Breaker's cockpit is located in it's chest placing it in a different category than a normal Zoids build. Personally I think Geno Saurer is one of the more wicked Zoids, and I just love it's aggressive appearance. I would recommend trying to get your hands on one as soon as possible. This is still possible for 50US-70US. The Geno Breaker is one of my all time favorite Zoids. The jagged lines of the X-Breakers make such a contrast to the aerodynamic design, and the angular face just emits evil.

We did see one limited release of Geno Breaker titled "Geno Breaker Jet" the Geno Breaker was re-released as an Limited Edition. This is a re-color with the structure becoming orange, and the armor black. There were no changes to the mold itself. This unit came in a monochromatic grey box, and can be found in Japan for around 200 US.


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