The Bersek Fury is one of my favorite models, the Sturm Tyrann is even better. With this custom I wanted to take the basic design and expand adding my ideas on both weapons and color. The following is my account of building:

The Black Tyrann

I started with a basic Berserk Fury kit, then did a couple Mock Ups on color. I decided on a classic Black and Chrome look, work began. 

I wanted to redo the weapons systems also so I looked at what I had around the house and came up with an old Revell "RAMS" Wave Warrior. In this kit I found two awesome guns that looked to be about perfect for shoulder mounted weapons. I scavenged some more and came up with two large tubular pieces that I thought would look great as large primary cannons to replace the blades or "Buster Claw" units. Almost finished, I found two jet booster packs with turbines. Now I am in business.

Of course several modifiactions had to be made to make the "after market" pieces work, some of which included a large amount of cutting and glueing.

After these were finished it was time for the first coat of paint.

Then to detail:

I choose to add some small details that are better appreciated when viewing the piece in person.

After the paint dried it was time to reassemble the unit and hope for the look I wanted to be achieved.

It came together rather nicely.

I am happy with the final product. I think the result represent a much darker and more powerfulk version of the original. I used a very minimal amount of stickers on the project, as I thought adding too many would take away from it's "classic" appearance. Now I give you: The Black Tyrann.