(Berserk Fury Base Unit)

Based on the Berserk Führer, the Gairyuki was first released in 2005, and was both the first redesigned, non-limited Zoid to be based on a design, and the first redesigned, non-limited Zoid to change factions. In the Battle Story, the Zoid is the product of a collaboration between three of the major powers in the storyline; the Helic Republic, the Guylos Empire, and the ZOITEC Corporation. The Gairyuki also appears in the Zoids Fuzors anime, as the Zoid piloted by .

Gairyuki is a Tyrannosaurus type Zoid created by the Republic. However, the Republic did not act alone in it's creation. It took three major players on Planet Zi to piece together the massive beast. First, the Republic did supply the necessary resources and technology needed. Second, rebel Scientists from the G l;,uylos Empire provided the base Zoid: the Berserk Fury. Finally the Zoitec cooperation designed the CAS armor system utilizing BLOX technology. The Gairyuki would become the ultimate collaboration Zoid, and demanded a name to match. Broken down "Gairyuki" literally translates into: Gai: "Victory" Ryu: "Dragon" Ki: "Brightness or Light". The "Victory Dragon of Light",  as the Republic believed that this was the unit that would finally lead the the total devastation of the Empire.

Gairyuki is a complex Zoid, as are it's components. The weapons systems begins with a new development and variation on what has been the supreme base weapon of the Tyrannosaurus type Zoids, the Charged Particle Cannon. Instead of relaying solely on the Zoid itself to provide the vast amount of power it takes to discharge a blast from the Charge Particle Cannon, the Gairyuki operates on a power collection system. Almost like solar panels in our world, the Gairyuki is lined with a total of twelve power absorbing panels, properly called "ray-absorbing verniers", these panels would not only collect but store energy from outside sources. The main source of collection was from enemy weapons specifically beam weapons, although in a pinch solar power could actually be used in the charging process. This new development would become known as the "Ray-Absorbing Charged Particle Cannon".

The second major innovation used on Gairyuki would be the use of a CAS or "Changing Armor Systen". Although the CAS itself is not a new development, the CAS composed of animated components was. The CAS on Gairyuki was made up independent BLOX units, which could separate and operate independently of the Gairyuki. The first Gairyuki had two blox units, a swallow type and a horseshoe crab type. The swallow was known as "Hien" and was capable of flight and often used as a scout, or search and rescue unit. The second blox was dubbed "Gekkou" and was heavily armed for it's size with four Vulcan cannons, it's primary function was support firepower and in tight battle situations it would be able to turn the tide of battle. The downfall of the units actively separating and functioning from the main unit is that it leaves the unit with minimal actual armor, and also reduced it's ability to absorb energy to power the Ray-Absorbing Charged Particle Cannon. Gairyuki would also carry Electron Bite Fangs, Killer Claws, a Strike Smash Tail, and four Machineguns.

In the Battle Story Gairyuki was the result of the defeated Republic forces fleeing and arriving on the Eastern Continent due to the Empire's new Seismosaurus Zoid  Upon their arrival, they were met by ZOITEC representatives. ZOITEC was the primary producer of the small scale Zoids known as BLOX units. The Republic also discovered a small Guylos Empire (mainly Scientists) population that desired a peaceful relationship with the newly located semi-large Republic force. It was the combined effort that produced Gairyuki. The use of the BLOX units on the Gairyuki were so successful that later a similar system would, twice, be integrated on the Republic's remaining Liger Zero units. The Gairyuki would be deployed during the Republic's counter invasion, and be supported by groups of Liger Zero Phoneix. Gairyuki successfully served the Republic until the end of the conflict with the Neo Zenebas. Note: In ZAC 2230, ZOITEC revisted the Gairyuki design, upgrading the unit with a third BLOX. Known as Raiden. Raiden was a Warthog type BLOX who was designed to operate unmanned. Equipped with this third component, Gairyuki would become known as "Gairyuki Shin". This version also carried an AZ Beam Cannon, and a  Quadro-barrelled Beam Cannon further boosting it's killer efficiency. 

Although only featured in one Anime (Fuzores), Gairyuki is no stranger to the screen. In Zoids: Fuzors,  Gairyuki is piloted by the antagonist character known as "Blake", it's construction was a secret and it was presented to Blake to replace his destroyed Buster Fury. He used the Gairyuki to destroy the Fire Phoneix. Zoids Fuzors also clued viewers into the ability of both Dispelow and Evo Flier to fuse to the Gairyki. This makes Gairyuki have two forms, and it truly becoms a Fuzors Zoid. As it's two standard BLOX units are considered "Automated Components" and not separate Zoids. This lead to Gairyuki having two names depending upon which fusion version was active. If Gairyuki was fused with Dispelow it would be known as the Gairyuki Fury, if it was fused with the Evo Flier, it was known as the Gairyuki Destroy. Gairyuki suffered a final blow dealt by an Ultimate Seismosarus.

The model kit is a fun build that is not to be missed. It's very reminiscent of it's base Zoid, Berserk Fury, and as such also has two modes of operation. The first mode activates the Zoids walking capabilities. The Zoid walks forward while chomping it's jaws, moving it's arms, and swinging it's tail. In the second mode, Gairyukui is stands stationary while the ray-absorbing verniers elevate and Gairyuki deploys it's orally based ray absorbing charged particle cannon. The ray-absorbing verniers are represented well by an almost bicycle reflector type of material, which really stands out when placed amongst the other T-Rex type Zoids. The CAS BLOX units make for a nice oddity, and the history of this Zoid demands it become a part of any large or small collection. This unit is harder to find as it was produced near the end of the line, and I believe in far limited quantities. Grab one while you still can for around $50.00-$70.00US.

In conclusion, we saw one extremely limited version of this Zoid in 2005. The Black Gairyuki was released as a contest only prize Zoid. This version was re-colored with black armor, a gray inner frame, and light blue trim. This version also came with an Evo Flier colored to match. This unit can still be found occasionally in Japanese auctions, but comes with a high price tag hovering around $400.00-$500.00 US, ouch!

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