In 2001, Tomy introduced a new line of Zoids named "Blox." The Blox
Zoids were smaller, non motorized Zoids that were built around
a plastic cube. The plastic cube had an port on each side
in which one could attach various parts. (The cube itself is known
as a Blox.) The new Blox system did not provide any movement,
yet it did allow one to combine a variety of kits with ease.
Hasbro again saw the popularity of this Zoids series and released
it in the US as "Z-Builders." The majority of the Z-Builders
were re-releases of the Japanese Blox line, but Hasbro again
developed several distinct new models including, but not limited to,
Brachio Zilla and Dimetra Ptera. I have grouped both the NJR Blox
and the Z-builders lines into one page.

In the Battle Story Zoids Blox were produced by a company by the name of "ZOITEC" which resided on the Eastern Continent. With their resources and facilities limited, Blox were the only scale of Zoids they could produce.


 Legend Blox Murasame Liger    Unenlagia BZ-002     Mosasledge BZ-003   


     Flyscissors BZ-005            Diploguns BZ-007      Shell Karn BZ-006


          Demonshead BZ-008      Buster Eagle BZ-009      Boldguard BZ-010


         Missle Tortise BZ-011.A      Leo Striker BZ-012    Cannon Diver BZ-013     


       Styluarmor BZ-015            Laserstorm BZ-017          Dispelow BZ-018     


      Evo Flyer BZ-019          Power Mammoth BZ-101    Power Mantis BZ-102  


     Gorilla Tron BZ-103          Ray Saurer BZ-104           Brachio Zilla BZ-105


   Dimetra Ptera BZ-106            Leogator BZ-107             Jet Falcon BZ-109 


          Lord Gale                              D.A. Lizards            Fire Phoenix RZ-101

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