Lord Gale

Regular Version

Lord Gale is what I like to refer to as a composite Zoid, and he's also one of my favorite Zoids in existence. Released in 2003, labeled as a "Gargoyle" type, and designated as BZ-011, Lord Gale was created and used by the Neo Zenebas Empire. At the time, the Empire was constructing vast amounts of pilot-less combat Zoids in order to fight in the new idea of "Bloodless" warfare. Most of the units created by the Empire were Chimera Blox. These fleets needed a commander, or a "Lord" to lead them into battle, thus the introduction of the new unit known as "Lord Gale". Able to fight in mid flight as well as it does on land, Lord Gale was the first Neo-Zenebas Blox to actually be piloted. The unit also has the ability to influence other (un-piloted) Blox Zoids, namely the four Chimera Dragon Blox which consist of DemonsHead, Diploguns, Shellkarn, and FlyScissors. In fact, the box lists this special feature under equipment as a "Chimera Control Unit".

Lord Gale also has a plethora of weapons including "Hell's Fang" which (name wise) strikes a very similar resemblance to Deadly Kong's "Hell's Box". He is also equipped with a set of spears referred to as Magnesser spears on his right "hand", and a very crustacean like Magnesser claw on his left "hand". Strike Claws, X Scissors, a Magnesser tail, and a double barrel cannon make up the rest of Lord Gale's arsenal. The "Magnesser" material is usually found on aerial Zoids and "translates" roughly to a magnetic repulsion system allowing flight. Magnetic repulsion was Zoidian technology that allowed lift and propulsion as well as both vertical take off and landing capabilities. It is also said to have very low maintenance requirements allowing the Zoid in possession of Magnesser armaments an extreme amount of in flight time before having to be serviced. I'm speculating that Lord Gale used it's tail as a rudder, and it needed to be just as capable of performance as did the wings thus it is also listed as being composed of Magnesser.

Lord Gale did grace us with his royal presence in Zoids:Fuzors. The unit was piloted by a Savage Hammer teams' second in command named "Burton". Lord Gale showed it's power when it was able to defeat both (in separate battles) a Liger Zero and a Konig Wolf. It met it's match with the Fuzors Zoid Liger Zero Falcon though, and was not seen in any other Anime. Lord Gale has seen his fair share of releases as well.

In 2003 Lord Gale was introduced into the Blox line, and later that same year Lord Gale was given the Yuji Kaida treatment and dubbed "Saint Gale". Sometime after this, Lord Gale was released as a Holo Tec Zoid and sold as a convention exclusive. This Holo Tec release is very rare and has come to be known as "Disco" Gale due to the bright color scheme of the translucent plastic. The final formal release was part of the Fuzors line where Lord Gale sported new Savage Hammer stickers and was re-colored in bright orange along with a red pilot. Lord Gale was last seen as part of the Zoids:Generations where he was ameliorated with buster wings, a shield / gattling gun combo, and gun blade as pictured below:

Lord Gale is a fun build, and is a definite worthy addition to any Zoids collection. As a composite Zoid, Lord Gale shares frames with DemonsHead, FlyScissors, and Styluarmor, yet the parts are used in such a unique and fitting way that it does not seem obvious or distracting at all. The design is such a radical change from the "Blox Norm" that it's a truly refreshing change of pace. Although Lord Gale lacks a motor, he makes up for it not only with bad ass design but with a working claw and an ability to strike a seemly endless variety of poses. Lord Gale is getting harder to come by these days, and with the basic kit quickly becoming extinct prices will only rise.


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