König Wolf

(Konig, Koneig, Koenig)

The König Wolf is a Wolf type Zoid created by the Republic. With no relation to the Command Wolf, the König Wolf was designed after a wild Zoid. Created to counter the Liger Zero, the König Wolf was first deployed by the Republic in the invasion of Nyx. Using it's agility, the König was able to navigate the harsh landscape of the Dark Continent. While escorting the massive Mad Thunders, the König would prove itself by defending against both the Liger Zero X and the Dark Spiner. One König Wolf was even piloted by Republican royalty, namely "Prince" Rob Hermann.

Although lacking any long range weapons, the König Wolf is well equipped. König Wolf sports electron bite fangs, strike claws, and a set of double barrel multi dis-chargers. What sets the König Wolf apart from other Zoids are not it's weapons, but rather it's special headgear equipment. A set of goggles are connected to the back of the neck and when activated they fold down over the cockpit giving the pilot a variety of special abilities including night vision and precision targeting. These advanced optic abilities make the König Wolf a very deadly as well as effective night specific Zoid. The König Wolf can achieve speeds of up to 180 Mph allowing the unit to strike a lightening speeds under the cover of darkness.

The König Wolf appears in two Zoids Anime and one Zoids Comic. Making it's debut in the Fuzors series, the König Wolf was part of the Mach Storm team. Piloted by "Amy" this König Wolf also carried the CP-22 Dual Sniper Rifle and CP-23 Anti-Zoid Missile Pod upgrades which were not included with the standard release, but were included in the special "HAKW" as well as Fuzors release. Two König Wolf units would later be seen in the Zoids Genesis series, neither of which had a very significant role. In the Comic, Zoids: Galaxy Quest Planet Zi, a König Wolf was used by a character by the name of "Kugo". Kugo and his König Wolf would fight many battles until the König Wolf self destructed in an attempt to save Kugo.

The König Wolf model was first released in 2001 as part of the NJR line. It was also released as part of the Hasbro line. Both units are identical, colored in black and white and feature the same sticker sheets, the only difference was the packaging. The König Wolf would also see one special release known as the "HAKW" or "Heavy Arms König Wolf" produced as a Zoids Shop exclusive from Zoidscore.com. This version is finished in blue and light grey, and included both the CP-22 and CP-23, as well as a short DVD. The König Wolf would see it's final release as part of the Zoids Fuzors line. This edition also came with both CP kits, and was re-colored to be Anime accurate in bronze, red, and purple.

König Wolf is an average build. I have two major problems with this kit's design. The first are the rubber belts that are included. Although visually appealing, the belts will break with age. My unit was not turned on, and the belts were never under any stress, yet one side broke in approx.12 months of display. My other dislike are the leg armor plates which constantly shed, especially once the Zoid is activated. Overall König Wolf makes a nice display piece, and has a unique look when it's goggles are in place. König Wolf can be found with ease as the unit sold very poorly, and one can be picked up for $15.00-$30.00 US. The HA version offers more build time, better stickers, better color scheme, and a more aggressive appearance. When and if located, this kit will set you back $90-$150.00 US. The König Wolf will hold it's place in any collection as one of few Zoids designed specifically to operate during darkness, and this quality makes the kit worth obtaining for the oddity factor alone. 

Special Tip: During routine Zoid maintenance cleaning, dusting, re-arranging, ect. make sure to apply a small amount of a commercial rubber protecting product (Armor All) to the belts on your König Wolf to prolong the life of the belt and prevent cracking.

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