Dark Spiner

Dark Spiner is a Spinosaurus type Zoid created by the Empire. Based on  Dimetrodon, and designed to function in a similar manner, Dark Spiner is an electronic warfare Zoid.  Taking a look at this Zoid, it's obvious that the focus is on the large spines that adorn it's back. Collectively they are known as the "Jamming blade array", and have the ability to interrupt, interfere, and disable an opponents communication systems, sensory systems, targeting, and radar systems. The Jamming blade array can also emit a Electromagnetic Pulse or "EMP" blast, as well as create an ionization field that acts similar to an Electric Shield. Dark Spiner is equipped with two 144 mm machine guns, a double barrel cannon, strike laser claws, and a strike smash tail. Not an overly impressive arsenal, but not designed to be as Dark Spiner's main role is that of a support Zoid lending it's talents to help Zoids with a more capable direct damage weapons. Dark Spiner is the best Zoid design ever produced in terms of it's electronic warfare capabilities. 

The Dark Spiner served as part of the Eisen Dragoon's alongside the Berserk Fury and others. Dark Spiner was directly involved in Prozen's coup, and was utilized to disrupt enemy forces. Although Prozen's main army was destroyed, the Eisen Dragoon's survived to become the base of the Neo-Zenebas Empire. Later the Dark Spiner was used as a permanent fixture after a successful invasion by the Empire. The Republic lost the majority of it's communication power due to the group of Dark Spiners that held their location.  Dark Spiners were large, complex units that took vast amounts of resources and time to produce therefore limiting their production and use to relatively small numbers. Eventually the vintage Dimetrodon unit's were re-introduced to support the Dark Spiners. It would not be until the Republic brought back the Gorhecks design that they would be able to sufficiently communicate once again due to the Gorhecks crytsal radar that was able to supersede the jamming array.

Dark Spiner made it's debut in the Zoids Fuzors Anime. Part of a team known as the "Dark Assassins", the Dark Spiner was able to combine with the Killer Dome and would become known as the "Killer Spinner". When combined the Dark Spinner loses it's jamming array, but gains the massive firepower of the Killer Dome and the ability to create a dome shield. The Killer Dome gains the agility of the Dark Spiner which it had always lacked making the combined unit a force to be reckoned with. During the Anime the Killer Spiner would defeat Blade Ligers with ease. It would eventually go on to face Liger Zero, and the match would ultimately end in a draw. The Killer Spinner would be seen in a later episode in which it underwent a surprise attack from a Holotech Zaber Fang the end result of this attack was not clear, and the Killer Spiner was either destroyed or sustained heavy damage effectively disabling the unit. Even later on in the Anime the Dark Spiner was included in a group of Zoids that were scheduled to be destroyed. 

Dark spiner was released by both Hasbor and the NJR line back in 2001. Both of these models were exactly the same save for packaging differences. The last Dark Spiner to be released would be the Fuzors edition which came complete with Killer Dome, no colors were changed and only the sticker sheet was altered. 

Dark Spiner is not an overly difficult model to build. Like the other bipedal Zoids Dark Spiner is a semi-long build but lack a huge amount of small pieces. Dark Spiner has two selectable modes. In the first "normal" mode, Dark Spiner walks forward, while swinging it's tail and arms, as the jamming array ripples back and forth. The second "Electronic Warfare" mode Dark Spiner stays stationary with only the jamming array animating.  At first, I really didn't groove on this unit but it does tend to slowly cultivate an interest. I currently have two in my collection at the present time. Each fin on the jammer array sports a small piece of translucent pinkish plastic near the top that picks up light nicely when displaying the piece. The two shoulder mounted gun attach over a cap, almost as if they were an afterthought on the design. Dark Spiner can be displayed with it's head down, making a ferocious appearance that stands out amongst other units. This unit can be found with ease, as it sold very poorly and often picked up for under $20.00 US.

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