`Deadly Kong

Being on of the last 2005 Genesis releases, GZ-014 or Deadly Kong is one of the more interesting Zoids both in concept and in build. Deadly Kong is shrouded in a cloud of mystery as far as it's history. The exact relationship of Deadly Kong and Iron Kong is unknown, with some reports actually classifying the Deadly Kong as an ancient God, which makes me tend to think it could have actually pre-dated Iron Kong. Classified as a "Dead/Death God" Deadly Kong is the monstrous embodiment of primordial chaos. Deadly Kong was an uncontrollable force until the loss of it's left arm or "claw" which made it somewhat "tamable". In order to keep the beast under control it's claw was sealed away. If Deadly Kong came into contact with it's lost appendage it would enter into an berserk like state destroying everything in it's path, and becoming unresponsive to it's pilot. It is unclear whether just the sight of it's missing claw sends the Deadly Kong into this state, or if the Zoid has to make actual physical contact with the claw to initiate the rage.  

Piloted by "Garaga" in the Genesis anime, Deadly Kong played a crucial role in defeating the Bio-Zoids along with the Mugen Liger. Deadly Kong is equipped with a variety of interesting armaments, including "Hells' Mask" and "Hell's Box" (or "Hell's Coffin/Casket). Hell's Mask is refers to the helmet like armor that can descend to provide full face coverage. "Hell's Box/Coffin/Casket" can clearly be seen on the unit's back. In the shape of an olds school coffin, Hell's box is complete with an all seeing "eye" sensor, and serves as a container to hold two of Deadly Kong's massive weapons including the mighty Zi Metal axe, and a pair of Zi tipped claws.  Hell's Box also houses a separate second Zoids core, making the Deadly Kong even more mysterious as it's one of very few Zoids to have two Zoids cores. In addition to both fists having "Iron Hammer Knuckles", Deadly Kong's right forearm sports pile bunker, and the shoulder houses a shock cannon. 

Clearly visible on the left forearm is a set of bandages. I have read two different theories on these, one of which is that the bandages are there in place of the claw, and the other is that the bandages cover the claw in order to keep it out of sight thus keeping the Deadly Kong controllable. The second theory also states that claw acts almost independently and can rip out of the bandages in times of severe danger effectively throwing the unit into it's chaos driven berserk state in order to protect itself. Although purely speculation, I think the second Zoids core exercises control and/or works in concert with the claw. When revealed the claw is said to resemble a six bladed weapon.

Building this unit is an absolute joy with enough variation on the Kong base to make it justifiable. Indirectly enough one sprue still contains about half of it's contents when you are finished building, see picture below. I also enjoy the actual weapon inclusion that can be stored with ease on the side of Hell's Box. The weapon is graspable by either hand and allows for variation in posing as well as displaying. I think Deadly Kong is an underrated kit that should become a part of any collection, and with prices as low as they are now, there has never been a better time to contemplate picking this Kong variation up.


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