Lord Gale

Holotech Version

AKA: Disco Gale, Crystal Gale, Clear Gale, Lord Gale SCV

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Few Zoids have been privileged enough to get a Holotech make over,  Most Holotech Zoids are highly limited in nature due to their irregular region release and/or their small production numbers. The small wind ups like Spinosnapper, War Shark, and Lord Gale seem to be the most elusive units. The Holotech Saber is the most plentiful followed by the Holotech Shield Liger,, Holotech Raynos, and Holotech Leo Striker. Personally, I believe there to be a difference between "Holotech" and "Clear/Crystal" Zoids. 

The first Clear Zoids were Z-Point exclusive and included Red Horn, Death Saurer, and Molga. These three pieces form the base of the initial Clear Zoids releases. Years later we saw a Clear Zoid resurgence with the trio of the Genesis Ligers, and finally a TRU exclusive Clear Gojulas. Holotech Zoids are sometimes referred top as "SVC" or Special Color Version Zoids. These Zoids retain either their own regular colors, or in some cases brand new color schemes but they all have one thing in common they DO retain some form of color. The Clear or Crsytal Zoids are more transparent versus the Holotech Zoids which tend to be more translucent in nature. Though neither set fits the exact definition, I believe there's enough distinction in appearance to warrant them being separated into two groups.

I first laid eyes on the Holotech Lord Gale years ago on the web.. Amazed at what I had seen, the piece really stuck in my mind. The colors of this version of Lord Gale are absolutely striking and the unit was added to my own personal "Holy Grail" list. From the neon green wings and  the pinkish purple armor to the orange and grey accents, Holotech Gale had to be mine. After 2 years of searching here in the US I did not gain any ground. I put the piece on the back burner, but until this day it was always on my mind. I started to "hard core" pursue the unit again a few months ago, and was lucky enough to have a friend with eyes like a hawk that pointed me in the right direction.

After placing my order Disco Lord Gale appeared in no time. A tricky unit to locate due to it's limited numbers as well as identification. With the box being the same as the original release the only secret clue is a small white sticker usually positioned on the bottom of the box identifying it as a limited.

After the unit was fully assembled, I was more astonished than I had thought I would be. The colors are esoteric they make the entire Zoid so visually appealing it's almost mesmerizing. When placed on the shelf with the other winged units, Disco Gale sticks out like a sore thumb and just begs to be seen. A worthy addition to your "Holy Grail" want list, Disco Gale is truly one of kind. It's been a long journey but also a very satisfying one, I would recommend this piece to any Zoids collector with a taste for esoteric pieces. Trust me it will add an element to your collection unmatched by any other Zoid. 

Enjoy the photo's of Disco Gale below, and be sure not to miss the UV light shots where the unit literally turns into a glowing neon paradise.


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