The Power Mantis, a short pictorial review.

The Zoids Power Mantis was one of two "unreleased" Power Zoids. These were recently found (later part of 2006) in various discount store throughout the UK. The few sets that were discovered before were successfully auctioned on Yahoo Japan for unbelievable prices. I paid around $15.00 for the first set, and $40.00 for the second set I obtained. The Power Zoids are simply AMAZING. The build takes awhile, and is very detailed and delicate for a Blox Zoid. I really think Hasbro was onto something here. It's too bad they did not continue on with them.

The set consists of six sprues, with the introduction of construction "pins". The Blue sprue on the right hand side is filled with these pins, and they are the basis of holding the unit together. There are the traditional caps, but only two come with the set and both are used.

Construction begins with the head, which turns out very realistic. As usual the head also serves as the cockpit.


The abdomen unit is then created. It uses the only unit that uses the caps to allow the holotech wings to be adjustable.

The fore claws are created. 

The back legs are then created. This is where we see the use of the power band employed. A very interesting concept that uses tension to create action. Note the various pegs that are placed through the main leg piece that is riddled with different sized holes.

The body is then assembled.

The head is attached, and the Mantis starts to take shape.

The head is followed by the fore claws, the two blox, and the rear legs.

The Zoid is now complete, and the only thing left is to sticker it.

This is an empire Zoid, and very few stickers are used. The box pictured a large circular caution sticker on the forehead. I rarely deviate from the box art, but the sticker was way too large and overwhelmed the piece. I decided to place the classic Empire sticker in it's place.


When the back of the abdomen is depressed the unit lunges forward extending it's claws. The action truly mimics that of a real praying mantis (having observed many) and is awesomely wicked.

I highly advise purchase of this piece, especially at the low price it's currently at. An excellent addition to any collection. I am very happy that this Zoid has become affordable, and the casual collectors have a chance to add it to their collection. Do not miss it!