Gorilla Tron is a Hasbro exclusive release. I think it is another example of an "overlooked" Blox Zoid. Gorilla Tron shares the same flashing light center piece pseudo blox unit as Ray Saurer, and that's about the only "gimmick" it has, yet this Gorilla really shines in design and build. If you take a close look at the box you can see a few minor differences mainly on  molding of the head unit. The unit pictured on the box has an extra "ridge" that, while not necessary, provides a little bit more depth and detail as well and gives a distinct surface to sticker. The build is simple yet, for some reason, very fulfilling. I truly enjoy the missile ports that adorn each shoulder. On the downside there are VERY few stickers pictured on the box that this unit actually comes with. It makes for a nice night of playing "lets search through the sticker bin, all night", but does get irritating. Let's take a closer look at BZ-103.

Gorilla Tron consists of:

3 Sprues

1 Pilot

1 Crystal "pseudo blox" body with blinking ability 

12 Caps

2 Blox (1 regular and 1 core)

3 Extra pieces (including Lens, Hatch, and Hip)

1 Sticker Sheet

1 Instruction manual

1 Pilot

1 Cap tool 

The build start with assembly of the head unit.

Next, the shoulder missile pods are assembled.

Next, both legs are up.

Next the body unit takes shape.

Each arm is then built.

Next arms, legs, and head are fitted to the main unit and the Zoid takes shape.

The unit is now ready to sticker. As I mentioned finding the corrects stickers took three times as long as the actual build! The finished unit is a nice attempt by Hasbro and a worthy addition to any collection.

Gorilla Tron makes an excellent display amongst the other Gorillas.

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