Dispelow BZ-018. I truly believe this is a very "looked over" Blox. Dispelow has three very distinct forms, which makes him a very versatile Zoid right from the start. Each mode is covered in the instruction booklet, and requires a little more than just changing a few parts here and there. I cannot read Kanji, but assume the three modes are akin to the three forms of Liger Zero, one for speed, the other for heavy weaponry, and a mix of both for its standard mode. Below you will find all three forms, for my own personal display I went with the heavy weaponry AKA "Guns-A-Blazin" mode. The stickers are an absolute joy to put on, and Dispelow features a few unique stickers that I have not seen on any other Blox. (Namely the elongated cannon stickers.) Almost the entire sticker sheet is used, which is refreshing.

When built this Zoid looks great. He looks true to the animal he represents, and his weapons flow with the design. A great display piece and overlooked Blox, if you get the chance, this one is a definite go. Pick one up next time you're out, or online shopping, you will not regret the purchase.