The DA Lizards, or "Double Arms" Lizards consists of Leo Blaze and Unenlagia. Both pieces are finished in bright white and are able to combine to form this new beasty. The box is an interesting study and dubs fusion as the "Changemize System". The set also comes with a VHS tape that I have personally never seen, but have been told is of little interest and just contains a few CGI images of the Blox pieces. I found the fusion one of the most difficult I have ever done. I was either having a really bad night, or these are difficult pieces to fuse correctly. The main problem encountered was in the formation of the legs as many of the leg pieces look similar, and its very easy to mix up a step and end up with the entire unit looking very, very wrong. After successful fusion the end result is nice. I particularly enjoy the wide bull dog like stance of the unit. Most of the pieces are used, and all of the stickers shown on the box are present. A good grab.

The fusion: Double Arms Lizards

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