The Power Mammoth, a short pictorial review.

The Zoids Power Mammoth was one of two "unreleased" Power Zoids. These were recently found (later part of 2006) in various discount stores throughout the UK. The few sets that were discovered before were successfully auctioned on Yahoo Japan for unbelievable prices. I paid around $15.00 for the first set, and $40.00 for the second set I obtained. The Power Zoids are simply AMAZING. The build takes awhile, and is very detailed and delicate for a Blox Zoid. I really think Hasbro was onto something here. It's too bad they did not continue on with them. Here is PZ-102 The power Mammoth.

The Power Mammoth comes on 7 sprues, and this Zoid uses NONE of the familiar caps. Like the Power Mantis it makes use of construction pins to hold the unit together.

Construction, like the Mantis, centers around the head which also serves as the cockpit.

Next the first set of legs is assembled.

Followed by the second set.

The trunk is then formed, this makes use of one of two blox that come with this set.

The tail is then assembled it's interesting that the tail is formed from the exact same unit that the trunk is built off of. The tail also serves as the lever for the power action which will become clear later.

The head and tusks are then attached to the trunk/tail piece.

Each side of the frame is then attached. This is also where we see the power band come into play. The band connects from the tail to the lower piece creates a lever out of the tail.

A different view with each frame now in place.

The legs are then attached and the piece is complete save for stickers. Note that the blox were not really necessary as one serves to attach the cannon piece to the trunk, and the other just kind of sits on the back of the unit. Perhaps good for mounting other pieces such as some extra weaponry on the Mammoth.

The unit complete with stickers. The Power Mammoth comes with a nice variety of stickers, although nothing unique except for the "PZ 101" designation sticker.

Now lets take a look at what makes this a Power Zoid. When the tail is depressed the trunk swings forward and the ears tilt back, giving the impression of one pist off mastodon. The pegs hold the unit up very well while the action takes place.


In the end I recommend this kit to all collectors. Although not as intricate of a build as it's partner the Mantis, it serves it's purpose well. The Mammoth  looks almost skeletal like with it's frames.

Conclusion, grab this beast before it becomes extinct. Pictured below Power Mammoth in his new home.