Building Liger Zero and it's variations.

Liger Zero consists of:

12 Sprues 

24 Caps

1 Pilot

2 Jaw Pieces

1 Sticker Sheet

The build begins with the assembling the main body around the motor.

The build begins with assembling the main body around the motor.

Next, the fin units and upper neck vent.

Next, work begins on the tail piece.

The booster unit is then assembled.

The booster unit is then positioned atop the body.

Next, the jaw unit both upper and lower are placed.

The side blades are then aligned.

And both side guards are placed.

The head is finished up the the canopy and cover.


Work then begins on the legs. The Liger Zero is infamous for its tricky leg construction that begins with the feet.

Foreleg construction follows.

The rear leg is then assembled.

The process is then repeated for the opposite side and the legs are attached to the body via caps.

The stickers are placed and the unit is then ready for display. Liger Zero is finished.

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