Liger Zero: Red Hiou 

"Scarlet Cherry Blossom"

A cross between a Lion and a Tiger the Liger is one of the most classic Zoid designs. Liger's are usually found in Republic Armies, although some variants can be seen under Guylos control. Originally the Liger design was a Guylos creation, but the Republic was successful in stealing the first prototype and putting it into mass production before Guylos. (The Guylos Empire did eventually release their version of the Liger known as Liger Zero X later on in the war.) The Liger's signature attack is dubbed the "Strike Laser Claw" and is accomplished by diverting energy into the alloy claws charging the claw and allowing it to be used as a super weapon that can tear through even the thickest of all armor. 

Liger Zero, RZ-041 is a staple in every collection. As the main character in both Zoids New Century and the Fuzors series, Liger Zero is probably the most recognized Zoid out of the entire Anime. The model is nothing below excellent in both build and display qualities. The build is challenging, the sticker sheet is unique, and the finished Zoid makes a wicked display piece. There are three CAS (or changing Armor systems available) for this piece. As of this writing they are getting both more expensive and harder to find. The CAS systems are also marked as CP's (Custom Parts) and are each reviewed individually below:

CP-17 The Schneider (Cutter) Unit : Close range combat armor.

CP-20 The Jager (Hunter) Unit: High speed combat armor.

CP- 21 The Panzer (Tank)  Unit: Heavy assault, massive fire power armor.

Designated as ZGe-004, this is the Dengeki Hobby Liger Red Hiou. Part of the Zoids Generations line, this is one interesting piece. Piloted by Seki, it's about time we get a "feminine" colored Zoid. Hiou is a re-colored Liger Zero, but somehow the holotec outer armor changes the piece enough to make it seem like a totally different ball game. The caps are a beautiful, turquoise blue making for a dramatic, successful color contrast. The unit has an absolutely stunning, deep blue eye piece, that lends a sense of "emotion" to the overall appearance. The base of the unit is finished in a very nice maroon red, and white, while the holotec armor pieces are a deep shade of pink. Somehow it all works, and the finished product is a unique Liger that makes a very interesting addition to any Zoids collection. Let's take a closer look at what I like to think of as the "Princess of Ligers".

The back of the box features the real life dimensions of the unit, along with what appears to be some more information on Seki.

Hiou has no extra frames, and was produced from the same mold as Liger Zero.

A closer look at the pink sprues:

(Note: I am only showing pictures of the completed steps in this review. For a total build please click the folder above)

The build (as always) starts with housing the motor, and creating the central body unit. I really enjoy the red and white on this piece.

The front end is then put into place, this is followed by placing the body fins on each side.

The back slide unit is then placed, followed by the tail assembly.

The back booster pack is then constructed.

The booster pack is then fitted to the back of the unit, and the two jaw places are on the exposed front peg.


The lower jaw also fits in and the lower head is created by adding the two facial guards. Note how the teeth come pre-painted. The silver color is a welcome addition, and gives the feeling of a more "finished" unit.

Two top pieces are fitted to complete the head, and the clear blue eye piece that really accentuates the caps is placed.

Both front and back feet are constructed, followed by the leg assemblies.

Each leg is then connected to the main body, and the unit is ready to have the stickers placed.

The sticker sheet offers a couple of different configuration choices. The two side character stickers are presents in both black and red, and the forehead logos are presented in both black and red and in both circular and angular designs. The Red Liger Hiou is now ready for display.

The end result is a fascinating candy pink Zoid. I am a fan of Ligers, and this one feels like it completes the full spectrum of colors. It displays well amongst it's brothers and is a welcome and esoteric addition to any collection. The secret is out, Liger Hiou is definitely a keeper, don't miss her. Below are some picture of the Cherry Blossom Liger in different lighting, it's purely amazing how this unit changes with lighting and makes the display possibilities endless. It's almost as if the unit changes every time you look at her.

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