Liger Zero Schneider, this kit has become very hard to find. This version actually comes with the liger and is not just an add on CP. The white on this version is a bit different than in the standard Liger Zero kit (For a complete Liger Zero build review please click here.) and some refer to this as the "Coffee" Liger due to the rich white plastic. This kit is awesome. Who would have thought orange and baby blue would go so great together (ok, other than the Denver Broncos) ? I love the blades and the menacing look this version of Liger Zero has. I found this kit to be harder to assemble than the regular version. The tail does not seem to fit properly, and the head does not line up 100% correctly. I have no idea what this is due to. I know there was a very low amount of them produced which could be conducive to the production errors present. If you have the chance, pick on of these up, do it now, as in the future I foresee them becoming almost extinct.

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