The Liger Zero Jager Unit, or CP-20 was the final CP I need to complete the Liger Zero Cycle. (For a complete Liger Zero build review please click here.) This unit is becoming harder to find, and is built for high speed assault. The main focus of this armor are the two Ion Units that provide incredible speed. Of all the CAS systems, this one is my favorite.  The sleek appearance, and deep blue color are unmatched. We are also treated to a unique sticker sheet. This piece is definitely worth seeking out to add to any collection. 

Full built review to below:

The Jager Unit consists of:

8 sprues

1 custom label sheet

As with any CAS the build begins by stripping the Liger Zero unit of it's original armor.

Construction begins with assembling both front and read top leg armor.

Both side fins are removed and replaced.

The complex Ion Boosters are then assembled.

The Ion Boosters are then fitted to the frame and mounted on the Liger Zero replacing the standard Booster pack.

The head unit is the built.

The side facial fins are then removed and replaced. The lower fin is also replaced at this point.

Both face guards are removed and replaced, Jager style.

The tail unit, consisting of two pieces is then assembled.

Stickers are placed and the unit is ready for display. 

"Jager" translates into "hunter" in German, and this unit is nothing short of a stealth, swift, speedy machine.

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