Godos, or RZ-014 is a re-designed Tyrannosaurus type Zoid that was initially seen with the Robostrux release Spartak. Designed by the Helic Republic, Godos was utilized as a standard support Zoid. Improving upon the initial Tryannosaurus type (known as either Garius in Japan or Tyrannazoid in Europe), Godos was an easily mass produced Zoid making it easy to deploy in large numbers. Each Godos is equipped with laser searching equipment, a pair of crusher claws, and a "smash up" tail. Godos packs a couple of small bore particle cannons and a double barrel anti-aircraft laser machine gun as standard weapons.

Godos was constantly used by the Republic throughout the wars, and made many an appearance in both comics and Anime. The unit first appeared in the Zoids: Chaotic Century anime where it was shown (usually in high numbers) as the standard Republic troop Zoid.  Next, Godos would take on a more significant role in the Zoids: Guardian Force anime where it was piloted by Raven and used to destroy an entire base. Used as a scene "filler" Godos would appear throughout the Zoids: New Century Zero, and were featured as an (easily defeated) team known as the "Renegade Force" in Zoids: Fuzors. Godos would ultimately be replaced by stronger Blox type Zoids.

The building of Godos offers a rare treat seldom seen with other Zoids: a couple of choices.. The builder can choose from two cockpits styles and a plethora of both weapons and equipment. To top it off the sticker sheet also offers a choice of sticker configurations. The build is a quick process, yet very satisfying when finished as one watches the Zoid stomp forward and raise and lower it's arms. Godos may seem to be a minor Zoid, yet it's significance and presence throughout Zoids history remains very solid. The standard "troop" Zoid, Godos is a great choice for someone just entering the Zoid realm, and a staple of any advanced collection. 

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