Building Godos

Godos consists of:

6 Sprues

12 Caps

2 Pilots

1 Instruction Sheet

1 Full Cockpit

1 Full Cockpit Canopy

1 Half Cockpit

1 Half Cockpit Canopy


The build begins with placing the motor, neck, and tailpiece between two frames.


The frame secures the pieces into place via 3 caps.

Next both arms and legs are assembled.

A brace holds the leg in place via 2 caps.


The arm is then attached with one cap.

The same process is repeated on the opposite side.

Next, the back tail plate is installed onto the tail and a variety of weapons are fitted.

Next the cockpit is assembled. It's builder's choice here and two different cockpit types are offered. One "full" style cockpit and one "half" style cockpit.

Just like the cockpit, a second set of weapons (pictured below) is included giving the builder a choice to alter the appearance of this Zoid.

Godos is ready for stickers and then display.

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