Having had Gorilla Tron for sometime, I had a chance to pick up the limited version titled "Ray Kong". Produced by TOMY and billed on the box as

a "special edition", I recently took a small trip to Durango Colorado and stayed at a nice little bed and breakfast

(pictured above) called the

"Apple Orchard Inn". This little trip provided a much needed rest and relax. Yet what would relaxation be without bringing

a Zoid along to enjoy? Ray Kong was packed, and after dinner (and friendly chat with the Inn Keepers) it was time

to get to building.

The front of the box features a color saturated picture of the piece on one side, and a cartoonish rendition of the piece

on the reverse. Amongst the assorted Kanji, one can clearly see that the piece makes use of 2 LR-44 Button batteries.

Copyrighted 1983-2004 ShoPro and TV Tokyo inside we find the normal packaged set of goodies.

Ray Kong consists of:

3 Sprues

1 Pilot

1 Connecting Rod

1 Clear LED Body

2 Blox

1 Canopy

1 Hatch

12 Rubber Grommets

1 Back piece

1 Sticker Sheet

1 Instruction Manual

1 Energy Ray Liger Transformation Sheet (more on this later)


The batteries in the motor are protected by a pull tag.

The first step is assembling the head.

With the head in place, construction starts on the should guards.


The forearms are the started.

Construction then moves to the feet.

The body is then built from the clear LED main frame, two Blox, and back piece.

With the body complete the final chest plate is attached.

Construction shifts back to complete the arms adding the hands.

With all appendages complete final assembly is near.


With Ray Kong complete, I found myself admiring the large stone walled fireplace in the room, and decided

on taking a few pictures of Ray Kong on the stone wall.

With Ray Kong finished, I called it a night. We awoke in the morning and had a wonderful breakfast.

During conversation with the Inn Keepers I discovered that they are actually "fans" of the site,

so I requested permission to take some pictures featuring Ray Kong around the grounds.

I received a delightful yes, and proceeded outside with Zoid in hand.

Resident "Teddy" even stopped by for a look:

Ray Tron (Gorilla Tron) is an awesome and unique build. Many think that this piece

is a true holotec piece, when the only clear piece is the LED body. Ray Kong will illuminate

when the button is pressed and the crystal body will pulse red. Non-motorized, this Blox unit

sports the iridescent pearly red only found on the Shield Liger Commander.

Included in the box is an interesting sheet of instructions on how to combine Ray Kong with

Energy Liger to form Energy Ray Liger.

The combination is not very interesting and I personally would not sacrifice Ray Kong 

for the few pieces it takes to form the Energy Ray Liger. Basically the arms are removed

and awkwardly mounted on the back of the liger.

I am a big fan of this design

and would recommend picking this piece up if you can find one at a reasonable price.

 The winter backdrop provided one of the most beautiful Zoid photo ops I have had.

Zoid.US would like to extend our thanks to Celeste and John Gardiner of the Apple Orchard Inn, rest assured

we will be back next year.

This has been a Zoid.US production. No image may be used without permission. 2007 -WIKD