EZ-076, Brastle Tiger is a unique Zoid in that it has the ability to absorb energy from enemy attacks via the special panels that adorn its body. Brastle Tiger is one of three Zoids from the "Three Tiger" story line in, which ancient Zoid Cores were discovered and reanimated. Like Brastle Tigers arch rival, the Rayse Tiger, Brastle Tiger also has a unique ability. Brastle Tiger is able to take in heat from it's environment and covert it into energy to power it's weapons systems. 

These weapons systems are said to be heat or "Thermic" powered and consist of: 4  x 2-Barrel Thermic Laser Guns, 2 x Thermic Beam Guns, and 2 x Thermic Killer Sabres. Additionally the Brastle Tiger is equipped with an AZ Hyper 3-Shot Shock Cannon, and (an impressive) 10 x AZ 208mm Shock Cannons. Also adding to this amazing array are each claw's ability to also be used as Thermic weapons. The use of so much Thermic energy makes the Brastle Tiger highly detectable by enemy forces which may also be the reason behind yet another unique feature: the pilot ejection system. Rarely seen on land based Zoids, I cant help but think this system was deemed necessary for a quick escape from too many enemies or perhaps the risk of over heating.

Taking a look at the additional equipment on Brastle Tiger, one will notice the "heat sinks" located in the cuffs and on the tail. These sinks are used to disperse the heat gathered, as it would be nearly impossible and impractical to discharge all of the heat converted energy in one shot. Brastle is an average armored Zoid, with an immunity to heat based attacks. Released as the last model of the NJR line in 2004, it comes with a short DVD.

The DVD included with the set is nothing more than some short clips.

The animated clips are brief, and the menu has three selectable options. I did enjoy seeing the brief scenes, but its a shame everything is so short even for a promotional disc. It leaves you with the feeling of wanting more, and makes one wonder where the line would have gone if continued beyond the last pieces. Below are some of the more interesting screen caps I took from the DVD.

The main menu.

Mortal enemies, two of three legendary Zoids Tigers.

Zi-Arms VS. Zoitec.

Remember that thermic heat gathering ability we talked about above?

More of the same.

Bad Ass.


Now, let's take an in depth look at building this beast.

Brastle Tiger Consists of:

11 Sprues

18 Caps

1 Lens

1 Pilot

1 Gear

2 Body halves

1 Motor

1 Sticker Sheet

1 Display Stand

Construction begins with making four sets of cannon plates each consisting of three parts.


The cannon plates are then aligned on the back plate along with a guide that holds them in place.

The last two plates have extra pieces that will serve as ports.

The front plates are affixed and the guide bar placed.

The back plate is then complete.

Next construction begins on the legs. The forelegs are built first. Each leg consists of two building steps. The first step is creating the actual leg base.

With the base built The accessories and cover plates are then installed.

The second foreleg is then completed.

The back legs are then constructed. Each back leg also follows the two step build process. First is the frame.

 The second step is placing the outer armor.

The second back leg is then built, and the legs are finished.

The next step is to place the lone loose gear and cover on the motor.

With the gear and cover placed, two pieces are placed over the exposed gear to complete the neck mechanism.

With the neck complete, the build moves on to form a support piece that will later hold the back plate assembled in the first steps. This support consists of four parts, and also doubles as a set of Blox connectors.

Next, the first body half is placed as well as one side of the lower jaw and two tail plates.


Note the two faux Blox on the top of the unit.


Next the upper and lower teeth are sandwiched between the other side of the jaw, and the second body half is placed.

A closer look.

With the lower jaw now complete, the lower cannon (very reminiscent of Zaber Fang) is then affixed to the front of the unit along with a chest and back plate.

Next, the upper portion of the head is assembled. Notice the removable ejection style cockpit.

The head is now complete.

Two panels (one for each side) are then assembled. 

Almost like booster units on a Liger, each panel affixes to mid-body pegs.

Next the legs are attached.  The left side is finished first.


The same process is repeated for the opposite side, and the unit is now freestanding.

Next, the leg outer armored is assembled. There are a total of four sets. Each set is made up of an outer and inner piece.

Each set of leg armor are attached to the main frame.

The final steps are attaching the back plate, and affixing the tail.

Tail affixed.

The connectors that hold the back plate are also able to fit Blox connectors.

Its a nice option, and a throw back to an earlier line, but it's something I would not personally sacrifice as the back plate is damn cool by itself.

The unit is now complete and ready for stickers.

The sticker application is difficult due to the Brastle Tiger on the box being a prototype with several obvious mold variations. I did enjoy the custom Zi-Arms sticker included and it ended up balancing out nicely with the Empire Shield. The number designation sticker finished in black didn't make too much sense, but I did find a way to work with it and get it on to properly designate the unit. Compared to other similar units, the stickers are actually minimal and do not take much time.


Bratle Tiger is packed with features. The back plate scale like cannons are able to be positioned via the rods, the wing gun fins are able to move up and down, the heat shields open, and the should cannons are able to open. Below is a closer look at the ejection seat.

Cool, but useful only for losing it and displaying the piece with seat out. Below is a picture I took with some odd lighting, and it looked as if the unit was in the midst of heat absorption. 

Chock full of gimmicks, yet with that classic Zaber Tiger look, Brastle is an awesome addition to any collection. At least TOMY went out with a bang with Brastle Tiger. 

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