Zaberfang was a nice kit, very relaxing and fun to build. This would make a great base for a custom, or to add some chrome. A great addition to any collection! Update: 3/12/07 I had used my original Zaber Fang for some custom work. Luckily I was at an anime store in town and amazingly enough they had one! I figured I would update this page with pictures as well as some of Zabers variations. The second Zaber pictured did differ from the first in color. The second (newest Zaber) has jet black parts while the first Zaber's black parts were more of a deep purple/blue. I am sure this is just a factory flaw but still interesting. The second Zaber will always mean something special as it's the first Zoid I have ever found at a local retail store here in New Mexico.  Enjoy the update.