Twin Horn was part of the OJR release back in 1984, it was not part of the OER release. Twin Horn was produced until 1986/1987. Production was not picked up for the NJR or Hasbro lines. We did not see Twin Horn again until 2008 in which we saw the original re-released as part of the Zoids Monthly Graphic Novel line, and the limited edition Wonderfest 2008 Guylos specification Twin Horn.

Twin Horn is a Mammoth type Zoid, based on the extinct  genus of Mammuthus probocidean a member of the elephant family. Featuring long curbed tusks, some species were also covered with long hair. Twin Horn was originally created  by the Zenebas Empire and was used as a royal guard unit. Unlike earlier Zoids such as Iguan, Molga, and Malder Twin Horn made use of a variety of short range weapons and was not designed to be supported by other units. Think of Twin Horn comparable to a body guard. It's tusks and flame thrower appendage could be used to defend in close quarter environments where the use of heavy artillery and Particle Beam cannons were not practical. Twin Horn units were put to good use defending the inner city and court of the Empire. We can only assume that the 2008 Wonderfest release represents the true form of the Guylos resurrection of Twin Horn in which they used Deochalcum to considerably boost both it's attack and defense capabilities.

Twin Horn was considered to be one of the harder and most precious OJR releases. It had become harder to come by, and mint in box units were prized until the dawn of the 5th Zoids Monthly Graphic Novel. The Twin Horn re-release was finished in the same color as the OJR unit. One of the few Zoids that specialize in melee type combat, let's take a look at the specifications of Twin Horn.


Crew: 1

Weight: 25.5 Tons

Depth: 33.14 Feet

Height: 28.54 Feet

Max Speed: 112 mph

Weapons: Flame Thrower Tusk, 2 x Accelerated Beam Guns, Missile Pod

Equipment: Smoke Screen Generator

With a basic array of close range weapons Twin Horn makes an elite guard Zoid. The special equipment is also an interesting specification to take into consideration. With no need for any acceleration or battle field enhancements, a defensive / evasive piece of equipment adds to the authenticity of the unit. Imagine a high ranking official in the midst of a battle only to escape from danger after a Twin Horn deployed it's smoke screen. The small size of the unit also makes it very plausible for use in tight quarters. Let's take a look at building the unit.

Twin Horn Consists of:

4 Sprues

1 Sticker Sheet

1 Lens

12 Caps

1 Pilot

1 Small Wind Up Motor

1 Instruction Sheet

The build begins, traditionally with constructing the inner frame that houses the motor.

One side body cover plate is then attached, this piece sandwiches the axle and hold it in position via two caps.

Next, the opposite body half is placed, it also house an axle and houses an additional piece.

The left side legs are then attached via two caps.

The right side legs are then attached, again via two caps.

The head is then built. Two facial sides hold the trunk in place.

The pilot is seated, and the lens and top portion of the head is mounted.

Each ear clips into place, and the tusks are positioned and held in place via one cap per tusk.

The back plate is attached just behind the neck, and the two minor guns are positioned on the back of the unit just above the tail.


The unit is now ready for stickers. We are treated with a very nice set for the Dark Version. The stickers follow the same pattern of the original release, and you get a few extra.

With the stickers complete, the unit is ready for display. This is a build that is satisfying and should not be missed. Being my first Twin Horn, I can see why there was such a buzz about the OJR version. With the Monthly Graphics release and an affordable price tag there is no reason to miss this one before it becomes extinct yet again.

A few shots with fellow Dark Release Iguan.

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