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One of the first Zoids that tends to grace any collection is Molga. Recently I have been able to acquire all of the releases to date, and I am compiling all articles into one large page to consolidate all the information and make it easier to find. Slowly I will be doing this with all the pages here at Zoid.US. These new updates will also include stats, and some brand new, exclusive pictures. For now I think it's fitting to begin with Molga, a staple of any Zoids collection. Enjoy this pictorial history and build review.


Crew: 1

Weight: 19.70 Tons

Depth: 38.71 Feet

Height: 9.51 Feet

Max Speed: 124.27 mph

Weapons: Laser Cutter, 4 x 20mm Gatling Gun, 1 x 2-Shot SAM Launcher

Equipment: 2 x 3D Radar Antenna. 

 In the earlier release of the piece it is often noted that Molga's cockpit can also detach, and be used as a separate exploration probe if necessary. 

Molga Model Components:

3 Sprues

2 Gear pieces

3 Cockpit pieces

1 Motor

12 Caps

1 Pilot

1 Sticker sheet

1 Instruction sheet

1 Roller wheel piece

Model Measurements:

The standard completed Molga model measures approx. 6.5" in length by 1.5" in width by 1.625" tall. Special edition Molga with CP-07 units measures the same except for the height which jumps to approx. 3.5" tall.

The Build:

Building all versions of Molga begin with placing the motor inside the frame:

A clip then holds the frame together.

Both the loose gear and the gear rod is then placed.

The single axle and wheels are then fitted.

The two tail halves are constructed, and the roller wheel is secured.

The two upper body halves are then fitted over the main frame and held in place via two caps, and the tail segment is secured.

The tail "hidden" gun and tail cover is are then placed.

The end of the tail and the antenna are then secured with two caps.

The cockpit is then assembled.

The unit is then finished by placing the cockpit between the two facial guards, and the top cover is secured.

The unit is then finished and ready for the stickers to be applied.

The unit is then ready for display.


 Molga was first released in 1983, has seen many versions. The OJR release titled "Molga" was first followed by the OER and Robostrux version dubbed "Kreep". This classic version of Molga was brick red and tan. It featured a gold colored pilot.

It is known that there were OER releases packed and sold in Robostrux boxes. This is an OER Slither Zoid repackaged in a Robostrux box. This is a rarely seen box. Produced in 1986 in Singapore the front features the slogan: "Monstrous Machines with the power to move!" and on the reverse reads: "The war between the Blue Guardians & Red Mutants rages on. Who will win the next deadly encounter?!!" The enclosed label sheet has a foil like quality, and features Empire Logo's as well as two separate "eye decals".

The OER Molga "Kreep"

Regretfully, there was no Techno Zoid version of Molga ever produced. Unfortuneately I do not think it was even planned as, there was never any prototype material produced like we saw other models slated to appear as Techno Zoids such as: Doberman, Thunder Tritops, Super Zilla, Miniature Battlesaurus, Dragonfly, Mega Mammoth, and Venom Snake.

 The Zoids 2 release which was finished in a chrome silver, and is one of my favorites. The Zoids 2 version was titled "Slither".

In 1999, the NJR release was next, and is the most readily available version. This was followed by the NAR release. Both Titled "Molga" these versions were identical, save for the box art. Pictured below are the NJR and NAR box art. This was the sixth Zoid to be released in the NJR line and is designated as EZ-006.

Molga was also released in a clear "holotech" or "crystal" version. This version was available with Z-points in Japan and was also released as a packaged special in Australia. Below are the Australia and Japanese release boxes. The pilot figure that accompanied both version was finished in blue.

In 2003 as part of the Yuji Kaida series as number two in the line titled: "Molga Rokurou". This is by far the funkiest version of the Zoid. Finished in Neon Green and purple, and adorned with florescent pink caps Rokurou is anther one of my Favorite Molga appearances. This is the first time we see Molga appear with an included CP-07 (Shot Cannon), which would become standard in it's next release.

Additional older pics:

Molga got yet another (color) make over for its next incarnation as the Genesis: "Molga Cannonry". Released as part of Zoids" Genesis in 2005, this version of Molga included the CP-07 and fit the standard Genesis theme of being more military colored with it's drab colors.

 Fast forward to 2006 and we see Molga included in the TDP released Zenebas memorial set. The set included Molga in its OJR color scheme. 

The best was saved for last however, and in March of 2008 we finally received the "Guylos Specification" or Dark version of Molga. I used this version to demonstrate the building of the unit. Additional details on this unit can be found here at the exclusive Zoid.US Dark Zoids Section.

This version of Molga featured glow in the dark capabilities and a special sticker sheet.


In 2007 I finished a customized version of Molga. This was done in authentic precious metals that were plated onto the Molga. The gold is 24K and is accented with silver and copper. I like to call this the precious metal version of Molga.

In conclusion, Molga is a design that has withstood the test of time. It's an excellent addition to any collection, or perhaps the reason to start one. Once wound up, Molga crawls across the surface in true inch-work like fashion. All versions feature a hidden gun that resides within the back compartment.

Nothing captures the imagination quite like a Molga does. Molga is a strong and unique design that will display very well and have it's own unique place in any collection.

Whether you decide to pick up a vintage version, or something a bit more hard to come across you will not regret the decision. The design remains classic, and the movement alone will capture your imagination. Don't miss it!

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