Caterpillar Type
Guylos Empire


 Molga was first released in 1983, has seen many versions. The OJR release titled "Molga" was first followed by the OER and Robostrux version dubbed "Kreep". (Strangely, there was no Techno Zoid version.)  This was followed by the Zoids 2 release which was finished in a chrome silver, and is one of my favorites. In 1999, the NJR release was next, and is the most readily available version. This was followed by the NAR release. Molga was also released in a clear "holotech" or "crystal" version. This version was available with Z-points in Japan and was also released as a packaged special in Australia. In 2003 as part of the Yuji Kaida series as number two in the line titled: "Molga Rokurou". Molga was then released here in the US and also in England these version were identical to the NJR release. Molga got a make over for its next incarnation as the Genisis "Molga Cannonry". Fast forward to 2006 and we see Molga included in the TDP released Zenebas memorial set. The set included Molga in its OJR color scheme. The best was saved for last however, and in March of 2008 we finally received the "Guylos Specification" or Dark version of Molga.


 Molga's design is utilized best in large numbers. Molga was one of the first Zoids created by the Zenebas Empire, and was utilized in mass as infantry units. It is my theory that the Molga design was brought over by Zenebas when he fled to Nyx. I believe Guylos recognized the potential of the unit and began production of the Zoid to their own specification. The Dark Version is probably more heavily armored without compromising too much speed in it's Dark version. There is mention of Molga's being used after the meteor strike, but by that time the material used to create the Dark Zoids would have been either lost or depleted.


Crew: 1

Weight: 19.70 Tons

Depth: 38.71 Feet

Height: 9.51 Feet

Max Speed: 124.27 mph

Weapons: Laser Cutter, 4 x 20mm Gatling Gun, 1 x 2-Shot SAM Launcher

Equipment: 2 x 3D Radar Antenna. Molga's cockpit can also detach, and be used as a separate exploration probe if necessary. 

Build Summary:

Building Molga is a satisfying experience. Molga is complex for being a small wind up, and the floating cockpit is truly unique. When wound the motor activates the two wheels (equipped with Mad Max / Thunder Dome like spikes) and Molga creeps along in true insect fashion. The head portion lifts to reveal the clam shell cockpit that is held in place by the two side facial guards. When the front shell is opened the cockpit rotates freely. The back portion is also able to lift up and reveal the hidden missile launcher. The unit is able to be displayed either open or closed allowing for a variety of display options. Back to what makes Molga...the movement. As it's traveling forward the tail, featuring the two insect like antennae, bobs up and down. Watching Molga do it's thing never fails to fascinate me. The engineering on this piece is perfection, and it's inch worm like motion will bring a smile to anyone's face. To view the step by step build of this piece please click here.


When completed Heldigunner / Demon Lizard measures approx:  1.75" tall x 1.75" wide x 7" long.


U.V. Pictures:

Dark Molga is just stunning under the black light. The wheels are mega bright and the stickers and back antennae follow suit making it one of the better Dark Zoids to view under these conditions. 


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