Formerly the Zoid.US Junk Yard...Welcome to the  new and improved Zoid.US Trade Zone and Junk Yard! Here you will find the most current items I have up for trade, as well as the scrap pieces I am currently searching for. This page is constantly updated as I acquire new Zoids. You will also find the Treasure Room more on this below.

"I do accept trades, thank you for asking. I have traded from people all over the world and have forged a strong reputation in the Zoid world. From Japan to the UK I have shipped globally. If you want to trade you MUST send the item first, period. After I receive the item, inspect it, and find it as described I will ship out your package.

Alas, I have been burned by missing parts, etc before and after we establish a firm trading relationship I will ship out at the same time of our future trade ventures. Thanks for your understanding, and sorry no exceptions.

I can and will furnish trade references upon request."

It's good to update this beast of a page. I recently ran across a very NICE collection posted up in my  eBay store!

At the Upper End of my wanted list:

1: Rainbow Jerkwing Ltd.

Have any questions? email me!

Techno Zoids Strile Zilla, built, complete *all hands are here Box is in excellent condition

The European version of Molga, poor box condition, all parts sealed

Hasbro Gustav Mint in Box, Excellent box, all parts remain on sprues, this is the large set with accompanying trailers.

Power Mantis and Mammoth (I would like to keep these as a set) Boxes are in fair condition, however parts remain attached to sprues and all contents are present (MIB) on both units.

Brachio Zilla MIB Box is in average condition

Lucky Draw Japanese Holotec Molga MIB Box is excellent

Techno Zoids Evil Scorpion, MIB, box is excellent a nice rare piece in this conditon

I am currently looking for the following Zoids:


Gojulas: OGRE

Rainbow Jerk Wind Ltd.


Godos RZ-014

Red/Marron Saber EZ-016

OJR (and Grade Up):


Ice Blazer


All Three


Brutox parts

Radox parts (see below)


Gordox parts (see below)


Yuji Kaida:

Yuji Raptor

Yuji Tortis

Yuji Fire Fox

Yuji Can. Gordos 


Dark Merda



I will always consider trades for:

Dead Border

Buster Eagle

Rainbow Jerk

Any and All prototype, first shot, test shot, or unreleased items

Anything Zoids related you may think that I would find interesting!

I also have some relics available for the right Zoid. I understand some people find cash easy to come by while rare items harder to acquire. The link below leads to the Zoid.US treasure room and has a couple of interesting items I have acquired in my journeys. Click on the link below to view the treasure room.

Parts needed:

                                                               Robostrux Gordos                             Re-issue Orudios (or Evil Pegasus)

                                                               2 x Facial Hoses                                   A21, A 22, A 29

                                                               First Three Fins (small)                          Radox (Robostrux)

                                                               First Dorsal Fin (right side)                     Left wing top arm support, guns, tail

                                                               3rd Dorsal Fins (both sides)                   Clear/Crystal/HT Red Horn

                                                               4 x Tail Spikes (guns)                             Horn

                                                               Tail Piece (cockpit)                                Brox (Robostrux)

                                                               Tail Guns (sides and top)                        Right back mounted cannon

                                                               Tail "Knobs" (two)                                 Batlar (Robostrux)

                                                                7 x Caps (tan)                                       Right "horn" cannon


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