Welcome to the Zoid.US treasure room. Below are some rare objects that I have come across in my travels. I am open to trading them for some nice Zoid pieces, Iron Kong MK II Ltd, Gojulas MK II Ltd, Battle Rex, ect. I may also entertain cash offers. Email: treasure@zoid.us.

Hand Carved Ivory Elephant Tusk Oriental Vase.

Produced in early 19th century China, this is a hand carved vase.  Carved from an elephant tusk the vase is adorned with ornate scenes depicting Chinese royalty. Measuring approx. 6.5" tall x 2" wide. It will make an excellent addition to any Vintage Asian Ivory Art Collection. Note: This piece was produced before poachers ruined elephant populations, and I do legally own it.


 This piece was acquired from: Sujaro African Art Gallery in San Francisco, California

The following is taken directly from the authentic documentation that accompanied  the piece.

"One ceremonial Vessel with crocodile / lizard images

Origin: Dogon Tribe, Mali

Composition: hardwood (one piece)

Background / Purchase history:

This extraordinary vessel was carved from a single piece of wood by the Dogon tribe in Mali. The functions of Dogon vessels are based upon extensive mythology. One of the fundamental tenets of Dogon mythology is that both humans and animals have their Nyama (souls substance) which returns after death into the mask or statue. Dogon masks, statues, and ceremonial vessels such as this piece have traditionally  been used for funerary and other ritualistic functions. These functions include protecting against negative spirits associated with dead souls. A piece may also represent a spirit called upon for a range of needs: health, prosperity, protection, or healing. I purchased this piece in 1998. It is thought to be late 20th century and would be an outstanding piece for even the most discerning art collector. As you may already know, Dogon art is one of the most collected, if not the most collected of all African art in the Western Market. The Crocodile or Lizard image is thought to reveal sorcery and protect from curses; the lizard is also used to teach proverbs. One proverb teaches unity and oneness (it is believed to be that the two crocodiles that continually bite each others tails never progress; they will always continue to go in circles). African proverbs are extraordinary teaching tools and remain a foundation of tribal oral history.

About the Dogon:

The 250,00 Dogon people live on a large plateau with most of the villages situated on cliffs to the north and east. According to Dogon oral tradition, the tribe settled in this area between the 14th and the 15th centuries, after escaping from the Mande kingdom. Legend has it that a snake led them to the cliff at the southern end of the plateau, where they overwhelmed and usurped the local Tellem and Niongom populations. The Dogon livelihood is based on agriculture concentrated in fields at the edge of the cliff, where water scarce, but enough for occasional irrigation. Dogon social and religious organizations are closely interlinked and out of these arose four principal cults which accounts for the richness and diversity of Dogon culture. (passage from Tribal Arts of Africa)

Care and Preservation:

As this piece is old, valuable, and has slight patina, it is recommended that it be handled with care. Light dusting is fine, but it is not recommended that the piece be treated with oils or any neutral or non neutral liquid, spray, or other chemicals.

Certification of Origin and Authenticity:

This letter will certify that all pieces listed herin have been purchased in Africa by me or through one of my agents in West, Central, or East Africa. Purchase history is as indicated.


No minor or material restoration has been made to any of the other pieces prior to sale."

This is truly an awesome sight to behold. It is a large piece at approx. 34" tall, it's base has a diameter of 17".


African Lion (Panthera leo); obtained and imported legally. This is a claw from a large male and has had pendant loop attached.


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